The Blowing Up Summit – How to Grow Your Conscious Business With Your Ideal Clients

You may have heard the saying “what got you here won’t get you there.”

For instance, a new coach can quickly go from zero to several paying clients by reaching out to their colleagues and friends. Which is great because it helps them practice their coaching skills and find their process…

But once their existing network is tapped out, the approach stops working.

That’s when you want to adopt a new business growth strategy. One that can take you from where you are now and help you reach the next level.

And the best way to do that is to learn a proven strategy from someone who successfully used it themselves – including the steps, systems, and frameworks they’ve already figured out, so you can succeed with it more quickly and easily.

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What You'll Learn During the “Blowing Up Summit”

Most entrepreneurs know they need an audience for their business.

But many of them miss an important piece of the puzzle.

For instance, if you sell executive coaching programs, an audience of a million yoga instructors is pretty worthless to you!

Building a bigger audience may lead to more earning, engagement, and opportunities…

…but only if you have the right people in that audience. And you use the right nurture strategy. And you make the right offers.

In fact, it’s the beating heart of any expertise-based online business: an audience of the right people.

Because when you have an audience of the right people, your efforts are multiplied. And even better, that audience compounds your success – which means the more your audience grows, the faster your impact, income, and freedom grow.

So no matter how you decide to grow your business in the next few months, finding and attracting an audience of your best prospects should be part of your plan.

During the “Blowing Up Summit,” you'll learn:

  • How to offer bolder, stronger, and more enticing guarantees that grab your prospect’s attention…and make you stand head-and-shoulders above your competition
  • How to plan and write a book that generates tons of revenue…beyond just book sales)
  • How to generate traffic, sales, and income with Instagram…by using the platform differently than 99% of people. (No selfies, food pics, or dancing videos required)
  • The unusual approach to daily email that lets you promote an almost limitless number of affiliate partners (who will happily promote you back, leading to massive audience growth and profits)
  • A proven sales call framework that empowers you to drive revenue in your business – on command… and quickly vanquishes any icky, uncomfortable feelings you may have about phone sales
  • The advertising platform with a huge advantage over Facebook’s – and how it can lead to 13X better return on ad spend
  • The 3 key components to an irresistible coaching offer that will fill your calendar and boost revenue. (Works for any coaching niche!)
  • How Susan Epstein used her expertise to build a supportive peer mastermind group that earned her over $56,000 in 9 months – with a process you can easily adapt and follow
  • How to turn your network of JV partners into a thriving community – creating tons of value for everyone involved – and leading to sustainable, long-term growth for your business
  • A little-known research strategy that generated $250,000 in new service contracts in less than two months – and how you can use it to start getting hot leads in just a few hours
  • The “sacred 4” emotions you must instill in your Facebook community to make it thrive even when you’re not logging in (this makes it so much more than just a Facebook group!)
  • How to stop writing copy… and map it instead. This simple approach to filling your sales page, opt-ins, and emails will skyrocket conversions
  • Why running high-stakes, intensive product launches a few times is not always the best approach – and how to “even out” your promotional schedule for more steady effort and consistent revenue
  • The #1 benefit to running a podcast – and how to take full advantage of it for long term success
  • Why branding is so much more than logos and color schemes – and how to create a brand that connects with your audience for life

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Why Attend the Blowing Up Summit

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using a new marketing approach is they try to figure everything out on their own.

For example, let’s say someone starts sending content emails to their list…

Then, after a few weeks, they start to have doubts, because they’re not getting good open rates.

In situations like that, it’s hard to know if you should give it more time or pull the plug.

But when you’re following a step-by-step strategy that’s been proven through someone else’s experience…

You can be confident that it’s worth adjusting your approach and being persistent.

(And you’ll find success a lot faster and easier, too!)

During the Blowing Up Summit you’ll discover several proven systems for growing your business – systems that have already been tested and perfected.

Each interviewee will dive deep into the one key strategy that blew up the success of their business.

Each interview will also be co-hosted by Ari Iny, expert strategist from Mirasee, who will help each expert map out their process, so you can apply their proven systems in your own business.

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Blowing Up Summit: Speaker Schedule & Featured Topics

Day 1: Dec. 12th, 2022

  • Pam Obasa revealed everything you need to know to raise your prices – and instantly get better results from the work you’re already doing
  • Sheri Rosenthal shared how to add transformational destination retreats to your business – so you can travel the world and have more fun while earning a lot more income
  • Ally Machate dove into how to plan and write a book that generates tons of revenue…beyond just book sales
  • Jake Davey uncovered his method for generating traffic, sales, and income with Instagram…by using the platform differently than 99% of people. (No selfies, food pics, or dancing videos required)
  • Rob Goyette exposed the 3 key components to an irresistible coaching offer that will fill your calendar and boost revenue. (Works for any coaching niche!)
  • Lou Bortone revealed the surprising reason why video marketing is actually a dream for introverts…and how to start using it for fast audience growth and go-to authority
  • Melanie Benson shared her secrets to using podcast interviews to get massive exposure (and monetize it!)

Day 2: Dec. 13th, 2022

  • Skyrocket Program Enrollments with Powerful Guarantees with Danny Iny
  • Boost Enrollments and Foster Happier Engagements with “Pay What You Can” Offers with Tad Hargrave
  • Profit From Daily Email Newsletters…Before Breakfast! with Ellen Finkelstein
  • Supercharge Your Sales Copy by Leveraging Your Enrollment Calls with Ryan Schwartz
  • How to Reach and Close Deals With Clients, Partners and Organizations Using LinkedIn with Brynne Tillman
  • How to Get (and Profit from!) Free Publicity Spots with Larissa Banting
  • Speed Up Your Success In Any Endeavor by Getting Good at Learning with Jonathan Levi
  • How to Go Virtual with Your In-Person Event…Boosting Revenue (and Making It Easier to Run!) with Penelope Jane Smith

Day 3: Dec. 14th, 2022

  • Magnify Your Impact Through Revolutionary Facebook Communities with Maruxa Murphy
  • Compel Your Prospects to Enroll with Simple-Yet-Powerful Messaging with Holly Chantal
  • Gift Yourself More Time, Energy and Focus by Automating and Streamlining Your Business with Melinda Cohan
  • Expand Your Impact, Vanquish Stress, and Maximize Intuition by Playing by Your Own Rules with Jeanna Gabellini
  • Pour Jet Fuel on Your Audience Building Efforts with JV Communities with Dov Gordon
  • Go Beyond Marketing and Create Lasting Impact With Branding with Re Perez
  • Build Lifelong Connections that Power Your Business with Masterminds with Susan Epstein
  • Tap Into Your Network and Generate Tons of Enrollments with “Demonstration” Webinars with Tom Poland

Day 4: Dec. 15th, 2022

  • Fill Events, Get Clients and Trigger Massive Growth by Leveraging LinkedIn’s Content Algorithm with Adam Houlahan
  • Reach (and Close!) More Prospects Easily with “Content Leveraging” and Personalized Messaging with Josh Turner
  • Host “In A Weekend” Events that Boost Your Authority and Attract New Clients with Donna Kozik
  • Deliver More Profound Transformations to Clients by Leveraging Neuroscience with Irena O’Brien
  • Build 7-Figure Sales Funnels From Scratch with Hawk Mikado
  • Build a Podcast That Propels Your Authority and Revenue to New Heights with Steve Olsher
  • Make the Leap From 1-on-1 to Group Programs… and Multiply Your Income and Impact with Estie Starr
  • Turn Your Sales Funnel into a Conversion Machine with the Emotional Targeting Framework with Talia Wolf

Day 6: Dec. 17th, 2022

  • The Fastest Path To Cash: Grow Your Business with Speaking with Suzanne Evans
  • Never Worry About Making Sales Again with the Salesology Prospecting Method with Wendy Weiss
  • Harness the Power of Storytelling to Attract Opportunities, Transform Lives, and Close Deals with Lisa Bloom
  • Master the Holy Grail of B2B Lead Generation: LinkedIn Advertising with AJ Wilcox
  • Sell Your Programs Year Round Without Intensive, High-Cost Launches with Ross O’Lochlainn
  • Explode Your Revenue (and Freedom!) by Turning Your Consulting Practice into a Scalable Business with Michael Zipursky
  • Create Consistent, “Hands Off” Revenue Streams with Done-For-You Offers with Abe Crystal
  • Make Your Business Run Smoother by Simplifying Your Technology with Anke Herrmann
  • How to Launch Exciting Offers by Injecting Your Uniqueness and Creativity with Marcy Nelson-Garrison

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About Your Host – Linda Claire Puig

Linda Claire Puig - HeadshotLinda Claire Puig is an internationally recognized marketing expert who helps solo-business owners develop profitable relationships and portable businesses that go with them wherever they want to go. Linda has taken her own business abroad for months at a time to locations that include a medieval-era Italian village, the grand cities of Paris and Rome, the Andean highlands of Ecuador, Bali, Australia, Prague, Lisbon and many more.

Linda’s 6-Figure Newsletters division provides done-for-you newsletter articles and full-service nurture emails, while Adventurous Life organizes month-long trips to international destinations for travel-loving entrepreneurs ages 40+ to work, live and travel in community.

Linda is also an award-winning journalist and writer for the past 30 years, and her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Blowing Up Summit

How many expert interviews will there be?

The summit will run from Monday, October 12 to Friday, October 16. On each day, 8 different interviews will be available – for a total of 40 interviews!

Who are these experts?

These experts are all super-successful business owners. They’re coaches, consultants, course builders, speakers, authors, and marketers who found massive success with the one specific approach they’re going to share with you.

You’ll hear from 8-figure entrepreneurs along with super successful solopreneurs with reputations for outsized results.

Why are these experts revealing their secrets?

Linda made it a point to seek out impact-driven entrepreneurs for this summit. People who strive to help others, do business ethically, and make the world a better place.

So when they learned about Linda’s vision for this event – to create a collection of strategies to support the next wave of successful entrepreneurs – they were more than ready to get involved.

For how long will the interviews be available?

The 8 interviews available each day will only be up that day. That means once the day is over, the next 8 interviews will replace them. Review the speaker schedule above so you can be sure to attend the interviews you are most interested in.

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Your support in purchasing through these links makes it possible for people in over 150 countries globally to attend these live-changing events for free. Thank you! 🙂


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