Bliss Fest 2021: An Inner "Festival of Lights" For Deep Spiritual Healing

Bliss Fest 2021: An Inner “Festival of Lights” For Deep Spiritual Healing

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, days are sneaking shorter and nights longer. We go inside—inside our homes to keep warm and inside ourselves to gain wisdom. It is the season for deep spiritual connection.

To balance the darkness of the season, we celebrate festivals of light such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Diwali, and the Winter Solstice. In fact, there’s a remarkable similarity in the spirit behind these holidays and festivals celebrated all over the world.

Join us as our guest in four days of conversation, meditation, and enlightenment, as we honor our natural drive to find light within during this free online spiritual healing event: The Bliss Fest 2021

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Your mentor in the Bliss Fest is Deirdre Hade, a true modern-day mystic and gifted spiritual guide. She will help you bring light and healing into your life through a deep spiritual connection.

We know there is darkness, struggle, and suffering in the world. The Bliss Fest will help bring light and lightness into you, which will automatically spread to others you touch.

Participating in the Bliss Fest will help open a heart space within you to reveal the highest expression of who you are… so the decisions you make and the actions you take in your everyday life are fully aligned.

The best decisions, always, are made when in the higher frequencies of pure bliss. Not from the lower frequencies of fear or frustration or sadness or helplessness.

Those lower feelings will drain from your body as you open your abilities for creation in the higher frequencies.

The Bliss Fest 2021 Will Help You

  • Quickly access your own inner healing powers
  • Restore, rejuvenate, and support your body, mind, and spirit
  • Live a beautiful life
  • Have a joyous holiday season.

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Daily Schedule for The Bliss Fest 2021

Nov. 1st, 2021: Meeting Benevolent Presence

Deirdre will guide you through the four steps of Receiving Bliss. She will show you exactly how to bring the blissful, divine energy into your life any time you want it.

She will help you anchor to the sweet spot of spiritual connection. This is a state of higher frequency where radiance flows. That’s the magic. That puts all of the trials of our everyday lives into perspective, especially everything involving the pandemic.

You’ll learn how to receive messages from the divine that are clear and unmistakable. These are messages from your spirit guides, guardian angel, saints, ascended masters, and any one of the unseen helpers that are out there ready to help you live calmly, on purpose, and with joy in your heart.

Deirdre says, “They are here for everyone—not for a chosen few.”

Nov. 2nd, 2021: Opening Your Neurological Pathways

Receiving Bliss is not just an energetic exercise. Deirdre says your neurological pathways that conduct spiritual energy will open, so it becomes easier to receive the deep spiritual connections from your guides and with greater clarity.

You will learn how to have unwanted thoughts drop from your mind and clear the false voice of the ego that masks the spirit. The calm of your mind chatter dropping will be amazing.

Nov. 3rd, 2021: Setting Protection

We will set protection around your individual channels and pathways with the divine realms, so that no negativity makes its way in.

Deirdre will help make sure your guides are from the highest light.

She said, “I will tell you specifically what you do if a guide is not from the highest source. Perhaps it is from ‘thought forms,’ or entities, or something from a deep place within your subconscious that is associated with past lives, or it could be a piece of the ego that snuck in.”

You will learn how to read the messages you actually get during this session (and afterwards, too) and make sure they are all pure and on target. And how to use this profound connection to deal with life’s hurdles and create the life you want.

Nov. 4th 2021: Healing the Past & Empowering the Future

Deirdre will weave everything together from the first three sessions and show you how it all serves to open you up for self-healing of your body, mind, and spirit.

You’ll learn how to use the light of bliss to heal yourself and everyone around you.

A highlight of this session is discovering the core value of your soul and how to use it to be in right alignment with the divine. This is where true joy and happiness come from and which keeps your actions in life on purpose.

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About Your Spiritual Healing Teacher – Deirdre Hade

Since her early years in Memphis, Tennessee, Deirdre Hade has been an artist and a visionary, writing poetry and conversing with the mystical worlds. As a ballet dancer and choreographer recognized by Robert Joffrey, she performed throughout the country and founded the dance ensemble, “Celebrations to the Sacred.”

When Deirdre was 15 and her mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, Deirdre discovered the healing power of light, enabling her mother to live 13 years longer than expected. As the founder of Radiance Healing and Meditation, Deirdre has guided people worldwide, teaching them to harness their own inner wisdom and healing potential.

For years Deirdre has been presenting Receiving Bliss programs live for clients of Learning Strategies. The Bliss Fest is the first time ever one of the programs will be streamed without charge. The theme of this program is Healing with a Deep Spiritual Connection. We hope you will take advantage of this rare opportunity.

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