Sound Medicine with Biosonic Tuning Forks - with John Beaulieu

Sound Healing with Biosonic Tuning Forks

Explore the vibrational wisdom at the nexus of ancient wisdom and modern science…

  • Empowering you with sound-based healing techniques
  • Fostering profound connections
  • And elevating your wellbeing

Why Attend “Sound Healing with Biosonic Tuning Forks”

Sound Healing with Biosonic Tuning Forks - John BeaulieuWhat if the key to profound healing, harmony, and transformation is already within you?

Throughout history, sages have championed the idea that we are inherently vibrational beings, a sentiment echoed by today’s scientists.

Our world is a symphony of vibrations. From the hum of the Earth to the thump of your heartbeat, everything is resonating.

In our complex world, however, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day stressors, losing touch with our intrinsic nature and resonant frequency, which makes us feel that we are out of tune with others or our environment.

During this free online sound healing class, with naturopath and psychologist Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, you’ll learn the relationship between intention, thoughts, and the nervous system.

Class Topics for “Sound Healing with Biosonic Tuning Forks”

He’ll use tuning forks and a resonator box to show how the connective tissue in your body conducts frequencies. You’ll discover how every emotion, thought, and relationship you have is underpinned by vibration.

You’ll also gain an understanding of how to harness your natural frequencies to improve your wellbeing and align more closely with your true essence.

Recognizing and embracing your vibrational nature, you’ll attune more deeply as an individual while evolving and moving closer to Source — becoming what Dr. Beaulieu calls “a being of sound mind and body.”

In this wisdom-packed hour-long online event, you’ll:

  • Understand how to relate to yourself and others as vibrational beings
  • Grasp the role of your body as a resonator, amplifying frequencies and providing insights into enhanced wellbeing through a deeper understanding of connection
  • Learn the art of sound healing using tuning forks, sounding bowls, and voice to tap into and boost your body’s natural connective tissue resonance, promoting healing
  • Unlock the power of mantras, viewing them as “thoughts of sound,” which are scientifically proven to resonate with our bodies, fostering emotional and physical alignment
  • Equip yourself with practical sound-healing techniques, helping you continue your alignment with your vibrational state of wellbeing

About Your Sound Healing Teacher – Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD

Dr. John Beaulieu - HeadshotDr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, is a composer, musician, psychologist, and naturopathic physician whose work focuses on the development of tuning forks as musical instruments — tuned to precise mathematical formulas to affect consciousness and bring about a healing response via mindful listening. He is the co-founder of BioSonic Enterprises, Ltd., a company dedicated to “tuning the world.”

John is the author of numerous research papers and professional publications, including Music and Sound in The Healing Arts… Human Tuning Vol. I: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks… and Vol. II: Sound Healing and Values Visualization.

His research publications focus on nitric oxide, sound, and the relaxation response related to vagal tone. He is the composer of Calendula: A Suite for Pythagorean Tuning Forks and Apollo’s Lyre: A Modern Adventure In Ancient Cosmic Harmony.

He lectures around the world on sound and healing and performs special sound-healing concerts with tuning forks called Human Tune Ins™.

John has been a practicing clinical therapist and professor for 45 years. He graduated from Purdue and Indiana Universities, where he studied psychology and music and went on to serve as a supervising therapist and researcher at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital in New York City.

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