Discover the Wonders of the Bi-Location Phenomenon: Meet Deceased Loved Ones & Experience Your Eternal Self Using Binaural Beats & Insights From Near-Death Experiences

Meet Deceased Loved Ones & Experience Your Eternal Self Using “Bi-Location” & Binaural Beats

Explore the mysteries of the nonphysical universe and what comes after life in the physical world — including near-death and shared-death experiences, energy bodies, and more.

And learn how to overcome challenges and unlock your full potential using sound frequencies that help synchronize brainwaves.

What You'll Learn During “Discover the Wonders of the Bi-Location Phenomenon”

If you’re one of the millions of people who are curious about the nonphysical universe and the mysteries it holds, you’ve probably also wondered…

What happens after we die?

Would you like to find new ways to learn your personal truth about these questions — and use this truth to overcome various life challenges?

If so, you won’t want to miss this free online event featuring Dr. Scott Taylor, one of the world’s leading experts on shared-death experiences (SDE), energy bodies, and more.

Early in his career, Scott had no idea what an “energy body” was and was largely skeptical of anything related to metaphysics or “the paranormal.”

That would change — beginning in a crowded hospital room…

Forty years ago, Mary Fran, the woman he loved, was killed in a horrific automobile accident. Scott spent six days at the bedside of her seven-year-old son, Nolan, who was also mortally wounded in the crash and never regained consciousness.

To Scott’s astonishment, as Nolan breathed his last, he witnessed Mary Fran coming across the veil and scooping her son up out of his physical body. He was even more surprised when he could actually feel this exquisite reunion between mother and son. As Scott shares, “The two of them then turned to me, came over and embraced me, and then the three of us left and went to the light.”

The unconditional love that enveloped them was overwhelming as they were given time to say how much they cared for each other, and to say their goodbyes. At that point, Mary Fran and Nolan turned and went further into the light, and Scott came back into his physical body.

This phenomenal experience launched Scott on a multi-decade journey to understand more completely how he could have experienced being with Mary Fran and Nolan in the Light. That journey has evolved into his life’s work of providing people with the insights and tools they need to navigate the nonphysical universe on the other side of the veil.

Scott became a guide to help people experience expanded states of awareness, and served as the Executive Director at the Monroe Institute. He collaborated closely with founder Bob Monroe on the institute’s mission to help people create more meaningful and joyful lives through the guided exploration of expanded consciousness.

As a guide to the afterlife, Scott teaches curious people about common elements of near-death experiences (NDEs) and shared-death experiences, such as the nature of “the tunnel,” what happens during a “life review,” and how to reunite with loved ones.

When integrated, these extraordinary experiences can help you understand your life better — and even help you overcome challenges. Scott’s primary approach involves working with precise sound-based meditation techniques — using specific audio frequencies to help you tune in to these experiences, so you can effectively “bi-locate” by having one foot in the physical world and the other in the spirit realm.

Class Topics for “Discover the Wonders of the Bi-Location Phenomenon”

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Experience a meditative practice to alter the vibratory rate of your energy body — taking the first step toward bi-location
  • Explore the secrets of the nonphysical universe and energy bodies
  • Understand the difference between near-death and shared-death experiences — and how they can transform your life
  • Look at specific ways you can find your own truth and overcome challenges in your life
  • Explore how each element common to both NDEs and SDEs — such as moving through the tunnel, reunion with loved ones, and life review — has a specific vibrational frequency

During this one-hour event, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the extraordinary world of NDEs and SDEs. Scott will also share more details of his personal story of how he became involved in this field, as well as his unique methods and processes for safely exploring the nonphysical universe.

To travel in the nonphysical universe and communicate with your guides, it’s important to match the frequency of the afterlife. To do this, you need to be able to alter the vibratory rate of your energy body. In a 10-minute session led by Scott, you’ll learn a 4-step process for achieving this.

About Your Teacher – Scott M. Taylor, EdD

Scott Taylor - HeadshotDr. Scott Taylor is one of the few people on the planet that is a shared death experiencer, academic, educator, and contributor to the field of NDEs and SDEs. As an Experiencer, he had a shared death experience (a rare form of Near Death Experience), Academic, he completed doctoral research on Near Death Experiences, and as an Educator, he developed and taught a meditation method capable of exploring the places NDErs visit during their experience safely, easily and without the trauma. Taught to hundreds of participants in 5 ½ days Near Death Experience Intensive retreat. Dr. Taylor wrote and voiced six best-selling Into the Light guided meditations albums on Near Death Experiences and hosts the podcast, The Afterlife Files. He also taught meditation for the Monroe Institute for 35 years. Monroe’s retired President and Executive Director.

As a Contributor, he served twice as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). Served as co-emcee for IANDS international conferences for 12 years. Dr. Scott Taylor is the President of the Expanded Awareness Institute. EAI helps people interested in Near Death and Shared Death Experiences explore what that experience means to them and to our culture as a whole.

Scott’s gift is the ability to make the exploration of the nonphysical universe accessible to the curious.

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