Beyond the Veil Summit 2021 - NDEs, Crossing Over, and the Afterlife

Beyond the Veil Summit 2021 – NDEs, Crossing Over, and the Afterlife

What lies beyond this life? What happens after we die? Can we connect with loved ones after they’ve crossed over? How can we receive solace and closure on this side of the veil when a loved one passes through to the other side?

The world around us has changed dramatically in the last year. Many of us have faced more death and loss than ever before, which can lead to fear, trepidation, and deep sorrow.

But what if we were to view death differently? What if we saw it as simply a transition from one soul experience to another?

Death is not the end of life…

In fact, far from it! It’s simply a change in our physical condition — and science is now proving that life goes on even after we leave our bodies.

We may fear death because we do not understand it. We are so frightened by our own mortality that we choose to shun the very fact that one day, we will all leave this earth.

But fear evaporates in the bright sunlight of understanding. When we explore what lies on both sides of the veil — and the transformation that happens in between — we awaken our fascination, accept the reality of our soul’s journey, and become empowered to view our transition into the non-physical in a brand-new way.

We discover a freedom to live more fully in the now… to embody and express love, and connect deeply with the world around us.

Whether you’re looking to gain meaningful closure around the loss of a loved one…

Or wanting to glean insights into how to live fully in the here and now…

This unique online event will:

  • Guide you deeper into appreciation and awe for the preciousness of life
  • Provide a deeper sense of belonging in the shared human experience
  • And expose you to meaningful stories and insights into death, consciousness, and the beyond.

Together we’ll explore safe ways to communicate with the other side, release fear to live fully in the now, and commune and dance with the unknown.

Join the Beyond the Veil Summit for a refreshing take on life, death, and the afterlife… and experience an inspiring blend of science, spirituality, and mediumship from the hearts and minds of leading medical professionals, spirit communicators, and NDE (near-death experience) experts.

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What You’ll Learn During The Beyond the Veil Summit 2o21

During the Beyond the Veil Summit, you’ll hear illuminating insights from 30 medical professionals, researchers, those who’ve tasted death and come back from it, and experts who can communicate with those who have crossed over (and can teach you how to do the same).

Let their remarkable stories and guidance touch your heart, heal your wounds, enlighten you, enfold you with comfort, and ultimately draw you toward living fully in each moment for the rest of your life — knowing that beyond your current human experience is a celestial realm where peace, love, and beauty reign.

For example:

  • How to make the purest connections across the veil to receive profound help and guidance
  • How to calibrate your energy and frequency to communicate between worlds and connect with your loved ones
  • How to use casting, reverse-photo psychometry, and automatic writing to shift the carry-over patterns that exist in the ancestral afterlife and improve your life
  • The science behind channeling — including intuition, images, and premonitions — based on 150 years of research
  • How to heal relationships across the veil with experts who can see challenging loved ones as the light beings they really are
  • Methods for cooperating with the angels and spirits who might aid you as you approach the end of life and your transition into the “Clear Light”
  • Why asking the right questions can connect you with your spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ascended masters, and Source
  • How tying your current life to historically-verifiable ancestral past lives can give you the skills to cope with memories and past-life symptoms
  • How to access the nine keys to perceiving your loved ones who have changed worlds even if you’ve never received any after-death communication

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How Going Beyond The Veil Can Help You

Are you seeking solace, clarity, and closure around the big transitions, losses, and changes in your life? Do you feel nervous, confused, or fearful about death or wonder how you can make a loved one’s passing easier?

What if you could get the healing comfort you need… while transforming your relationship with death? Instead of seeing death as something to be shunned or avoided at all costs, you can ignite your curiosity about what lies beyond the veil. When you dance with the mysteries of the afterlife, you awaken to the wonder and awe of the multifaceted planes of our universe.

One of the invitations of the Beyond the Veil Summit 2021 is to substantially deepen your relationship to the great mysteries of the human journey… and to receive comfort and peace around life’s big questions — Where do we go when we die? Can we reconnect with departed loved ones? What lies beyond this mundane world?

A holistic approach to questions about the afterlife has begun emerging across numerous fields. Until recently, the scientific community refused to accept the possibility that there may be more going on during near-death experiences than just chemical or neuronal reactions in the brain.

Now, there is new scientific evidence to support what religious and spiritual traditions have pointed to for millennia: there is life beyond our mortal experience on earth.

You are not alone in your wondering, longing, and desire to connect meaningfully with whatever exists “beyond the veil.” There’s a growing community of heart-centered scientists and physicians, mediumship practitioners, hospice workers, death doulas, and others who have explored the same questions…

… and we’ve gathered many of the most prominent of these experts to share their revelatory experiences and insightful methods of navigating “paranormal” experiences around death — and connecting safely and meaningfully with loved ones who have passed on.

The Beyond the Veil Summit 2021 gives you access to both ancient and contemporary perspectives and practical teachings that can assist you on your journey to completion, closure, peace, and acceptance in the arena of death and the afterlife. You’ll emerge transformed — with the comfort and confidence to be fully present in life… without fear of the unknown holding you back from embodying your fullest expression of love.

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The world around us has changed dramatically in the last year. Many of us have faced more death and loss than ever before… which can lead to fear, trepidation, and deep sorrow.

We may fear death because we do not understand it. We are so frightened by our own mortality that we choose to shun the very fact that one day we will all leave this earth. But fear evaporates in the bright sunlight of understanding.

With the Beyond the Veil Summit 2021, you’ll explore what lies on both sides of the gossamer-thin veil — as well as the transformation that happens in between. Not only will you gain a deep understanding of what actually happens in the “crossing over” process, you’ll have a new toolkit of resources to help loved ones transition… and know how to grieve in a healthy way that brings closure and comfort.

Our world-renowned speakers will share key insights into the science and spirituality of what lies between both worlds so you can confidently navigate the human experience of living and dying.

You’ll learn methodologies, techniques, and practices to safely communicate with the departed — and receive messages of healing, hope, and inspiration to live life to the fullest, love without restraint, and share your light with the world.

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Selected Speaker Topics – Beyond the Veil Summit 2021

  • Suzanne Giesemann shows you how to overcome your fear of death and accept that your soul is eternal — so you can live lucidly as both fully human and fully divine, and feel greater joy, freedom, and peace.
  • Leading near-death experience authority Dr. Raymond Moody shares a composite picture of God based on the countless NDE stories he’s heard over the years.
  • Rob Schwartz shares stories of pre-birth planning and explains the 5 main reasons why we plan our greatest challenges before we’re born.
  • Cyndi Dale demonstrates how to invoke muses, saints, sorcerers, shining ones, and other spirit allies to boost your healing and manifesting powers.
  • Rev. Dr. AdaRA L. Walton explains how to use meditation, visualization, and intent to access your light and explores the important differences between full-spectrum and incandescent light.
  • Francisco Valentin shares his near-death experience and explains how you can find your own path back to Source, revealing your true identity.
  • Mark Anthony discusses spirit communication, near-death experiences, and deathbed visions through the lens of 21st-century science.
  • Christina Lee Pratt shares how “tending the dead” can relieve judgement, shame, and anxiety about your own death.

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Full Speaker Schedule – Beyond the Veil Summit 2021

Monday, Oct. 11th 2021

  • 9am: “God Is Bigger Than The Bible” with Dr. Raymond Moody
  • 10am: “No More Fear: Mediumship and the Ultimate Freedom” with Suzanne Giesemann
  • 11am: “The Shared Death Experience: A Compelling Glimpse Of A Glorious Afterlife” with William Peters, MA, M.Ed.
  • 12pm: “Life beyond Life– Stonehenge, Labyrinths, and House Clearings” with Sheilaa L Hite
  • 1pm: “The Science Of Channeling” with Helané Wahbeh
  • 2pm: “A Hundred Little Deaths Before Dying” with Stephen Jenkinson, MTS, MSW

Tuesday, Oct 12th 2021

  • 9am: “We’re Awakening, Right On Schedule” Lee Carroll, the original channel for Kryon, with Monika Muranyi
  • 10am: “What Happens To Your Loved One Once Their Energy Leaves The Body” with Marie Manuchehri, RN
  • 11am: “Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born” with Rob Schwartz
  • 12pm: “It’s Not Childbirth: Bearing Down and Letting Go” with Erika Robinson
  • 1pm: “Listening Beyond: What Growing Up with the Dead Teaches You About Living” with Amelia Vogler
  • 2pm: “Full Spectrum You – Accessing Your Light!” with Rev. Dr. AdaRA L. Walton

Wednesday, Oct 13 2021

  • 9am: “The Afterlife Frequency” with Mark Anthony, J.D.
  • 10am: “Tending the Dead: An Everyday Psychopomp Guide to Inspire the Living and Empower the Future” with Christina Lee Pratt
  • 11am: “Making the Invisible Visible” with Ade Anifowose
  • 12pm: “Your Intentional Past Lives in History & Ancestral Lineage: Unveiling Your Soul-ology” with Dr. Linda Backman
  • 1pm: “From Death Experience To Channeling A Group of Ascended Masters In The Lifetime of Francisco Valentin” with Francisco Valentin
  • 2pm: “What We See when We See through the Veil” with Paul Levy

Thursday, Oct 14th 2021

  • 9am: “Cooperate With The Angels & Spirits Who Gracefully Aid The Transfer Of Consciousness” with Dr. William Bloom
  • 10am: “The Akashic Records: Beyond The Veil” with Dr. Linda Howe
  • 11am: “Trusting Spiritual Messages for Real-World Transformation” with Anne Pryor, MA & Risë Severson Kasmirski
  • 12pm: “Your ‘Secret’ Source of Higher Beings to Powerfully Support You” with Cyndi Dale
  • 1pm: “Life Beyond Physical Death & The Non-Binary-ness of spirit” with Ash Canty
  • 2pm: “Signs From The Other Side” with Bill Philipps

Friday, Oct 15th 2021

  • 9am: “Visit With Your ‘Departed’ Loved Ones Now” with Mark Pitstick MA, DC
  • 10am: “How to Discern If You Are Receiving True Spirit Guidance: Know Where & Who Your Messages Are Coming From” with Vincent Genna, MSW
  • 11am: “Divination Shifts: Changing your Ancestral Outcome” with Carrie Paris
  • 12pm: “Soul Stories, Higher Guidance and the Path of Self-Mastery” with Stephanie Victoire
  • 1pm: “Healing Relationships Across The Veil” with Lisa Bonnice
  • 2pm: “Warrior Spirit Rising” with Dianna Good Sky

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