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Beyond the Pill Masterclass

If you've been experiencing symptoms and conditions for two or more years, they may have developed into chronic illness or disease.

Unfortunately, many doctors find these conditions difficult to comprehend, resulting in a lack of true cures and only symptom management at best.

This misunderstanding of how to combat common chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, gut problems, fatigue, and mental health issues is the underlying cause of increasing and concerning statistics.

You deserve a solution that actually works, and “Beyond the Pill” will offer you an exclusive look at proven approaches that are helping people around the world finally eliminate their debilitating symptoms and live the life they deserve.

What You'll Learn During “Beyond the Pill”

This life-changing 5-part masterclass teaches you how to take control of Autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, anxiety, depression, and even early signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia, and finally, be empowered with your health.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • The silent environmental toxins that contribute to the rise of chronic illnesses, yet many doctors are not aware of or testing for them.
  • Over 97% of people in modernized countries have dangerously high levels of toxins in their bodies, causing symptoms, conditions, and diseases.
  • Proven data-driven approaches to overcoming and preventing chronic illnesses with real-life success stories.
  • How prescription medications have been the third leading cause of death for over 20 years and can actually worsen diseases.
  • How toxic mold can affect our gut, mental health, and sleep – and has been linked to lowered IQs in children, Autism disorders, and other disorders.
  • How you can determine whether your genes will work for or against you by uncovering the link between trauma, unprocessed emotions, and environmental factors with brain/body disease predisposition.
  • Actionable steps on how to overcome suffering, regain health, and live life with vitality through bioenergetics strategies.

Learn how our toxic world is sabotaging your health. Do you know that over 97% of people across 18 modernized countries have dangerously high levels of chemical toxins in their bodies that are causing their symptoms, conditions, and chronic illnesses?

These toxins may be the root cause of your symptoms, conditions, and even diseases impacting your health. In this eye-opening episode, you'll learn how these toxins make us sick, how you can now discover what's in your body, and how to address these toxins to overcome your illness, reclaim your health, and protect your children.

Learn why prescription medications are the #3 Cause of Death. We can all agree that medications can and do save lives, but did you know they are not designed to cure disease? Dr. V pulls the curtain back on this shocking statistic that your doctor knows but doesn’t share with you. Are you aware that prescription medications have been the third leading cause of death for over 20 years? And there's more – research shows that some medicines can actually worsen the very health conditions they are being used for.

Learn about the dangers of toxic mold found in homes and workplaces that can seriously impact your gut, mental health, your child’s IQ, and sleep, and how it can lead to serious symptoms, illness, disease, and more.

You’ll get to see stories of her clients from around the world and how they healed from serious and complex illnesses, and you’ll also see how the latest scientific approaches are being used in combination to reverse even the most severe illnesses.

Learn How your Trauma, Beliefs, and Emotions are making you sick and unable to heal. You’ll discover how you can unearth what makes you tick, what makes your brain, body, and DNA work FOR you or AGAINST you, and what your body does and does NOT need to heal and sustain health and vitality!

Dr. V will also discuss the role that emotions, trauma, and stress play in your body’s ability to heal and how your energy source is the deepest root cause of all diseases, symptoms, and conditions.

You’ll also learn reasonable timelines for your healing journey, what data you can collect to track and monitor your progress, what special opportunities you’ll have to participate in Dr. V’s healing approaches, and more.

Why Attend the “Beyond the Pill” Masterclass

Are you aware of the researched and proven silent killers surrounding you in your environment? They're the by-products of industrialization and have created a worldwide pandemic of diseases.

From toxic heavy metals to disease-causing chemicals, and other toxins in products and foods you and your children consume every day, you are being told a lie that is costing you your health, causing tremendous suffering, and robbing you of the beautiful life you could otherwise have.

Shockingly, even the National Institute of Health (NIH) acknowledges the problem and its contribution to the colossal rise of chronic illnesses.

During “Beyond the Pill,” you'll learn about life-saving strategies and secrets so that you can take part in witnessing the new paradigm shift from the broken medical model to the “New Model of Healing, Health, and Wellness” that is quickly becoming the gold-standard of healthcare around the world.

In this masterclass series, Dr. V will teach you how to overcome and prevent chronic diseases with proven, data-driven approaches that are helping thousands of people worldwide.

Dr. V’s renowned masterclasses are easy-to-understand insights that are backed by data, case studies, and a 95% success rate in reversing auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, inflammation-based illnesses, brain fog, memory loss, depression, anxiety, body pain, hormone and thyroid disorders, and other chronic conditions.

And with the case studies Dr. V reveals, you will get a first-hand look at how people with even the most complex and severe illnesses finally heal and walk away from years of suffering using Dr. V’s one-of-a-kind approach.

You will get to see why many doctors and physicians are finally walking away from their broken model to train in Dr. V’s approaches, which are data-driven and backed by the most advanced research in root-cause approaches to healing from chronic illness, disease, and symptoms.

This powerful masterclass will give you everything you need to know about why chronic illnesses have skyrocketed, why doctors around the world are training in this new approach, and how this new approach to healing is quickly gaining popularity around the world as the “New Model of Healing, Health, and Wellness.”

After this masterclass, you'll walk away feeling empowered with opportunities to take actionable steps to finally overcome your suffering, regain your health, and live the life of vitality you deserve. It's time to heal, ignite your resilience, and start living your life on your terms!

Beyond the Pill – Episode List

Beyond the Pill Episode 1: Unraveling The Mystery Of Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Illness

  • REVEALED: the silent killers that are lurking in your environment
  • Did you know modern industrialization has created a pandemic of chronic illnesses through heavy metal toxins, radioactive materials, and even the food we consume?
  • Why aren’t your doctors telling you or testing you for toxins?
  • Uncover the secrets to overcoming and preventing chronic diseases
  • Discover proven, data-driven approaches that are helping thousands of people worldwide

Beyond the Pill Episode 2: Toxicity Overload: How Our Toxic World is Sabotaging Your Health

  • Learn how toxins in your body could be the root cause of your symptoms, conditions, and chronic illnesses.
  • Discover the shocking statistics about dangerously high levels of toxins in people across 18 modernized countries.
  • Discover how to identify what toxins are in your body and how to address them.
  • Learn about Dr. V’s proven strategies and action plans for overcoming illness and reclaiming your health.
  • Discover real-life stories of people who have used Dr. V’s comprehensive approaches to healing to recover from serious illnesses.

Beyond the Pill Episode 3: The Hidden Threats Within: Toxic Mold and Medications

  • Discover how prescription medications have been the third leading cause of death for over 20 years
  • Learn about the growing evidence that medications can actually make many diseases worse
  • The shocking connection between toxic mold, your immune system, and your brain
  • Learn how toxic mold can wreak havoc on your gut, mental health, and sleep
  • Discover the connection between toxic mold and serious mental health conditions like Autism, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s

Beyond the Pill Episode 4: Beyond Your Genes: Surprising Epigenetic Triggers

  • Discover the shocking truth about your genes and how much control you really have over them!
  • Learn how to determine whether your genes are working for or against you.
  • Shocking research unveils the link between trauma, unprocessed emotions, and environmental factors with your disease predisposition.
  • Discover the secrets to preventing disease and unlocking your true healing potential
  • Journey through the cutting-edge field of bioenergetics and learn how to rewire your brain and body for optimal healing and vitality!

Beyond the Pill Episode 5: Taming the Flame: Proven Data-Driven Solutions You Can Start Today

  • Shocking fact: chronic illness and autoimmune disease can be tamed with data-driven solutions that actually work!
  • Discover the latest research-backed strategies to finally take back control of your health!
  • Learn the secrets to igniting your resilience and overcoming your suffering, so you can finally live the life of vitality you deserve.
  • Discover actionable steps you can take to regain your health and start living life on your own terms.

About Your Host of “Beyond the Pill” – Dr. Elena Villanueva

Dr. Elena Villanueva - HeadshotDr Elena Villanueva is an international speaker, health influencer, and co-author of The Longevity Code, and has been featured on multiple occasions on FOX news, MSN, Healthline, Houston Chronicle, and many other media outlets as well several documentaries. She also teaches practitioners and her speaking and teaching events have included IMMH, Great Plains Labs, Vibrant Labs, Paleo Fx, and many other stages.

Dr Villanueva teaches evidence based approaches for finding and addressing the underlying causes of chronic illness and brain related conditions using the most advanced evidence based approaches available today. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality, and the integration of the mind/body/spirit in her evidence-based approaches for healing and optimization of the human body and mind.

Elena and her team have helped thousands to restore their health. Dr. Villanueva and her team help people support and restore many health conditions that include chronic mental health disorders and disease, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, gastrointestinal disorders, male and female hormone imbalances, Type II diabetes, genetic defects (including MTHFR), insomnia, metabolic syndrome, and other health conditions.

Dr. Villanueva is a native Texan and has a strong enthusiasm for participating in almost anything outdoors with her best friend, husband, and partner, Greg, and their dog Riley. When she’s not educating and coaching, you’ll find her mountain biking, hiking, camping, wake surfing, skiing, and spending as much time outdoors as she can.

If she doesn’t know you already, she can’t wait to meet you and start your journey of healing.

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