Beyond the Ordinary - A Webinar Series to Activate Your Spiritual Awakening - With John Burgos

Beyond the Ordinary – A Webinar Series to Activate Your Spiritual Awakening – With John Burgos

💫 Beyond The Ordinary Show is more than just a free broadcast, it is a community of believers, doers, transformational thought leaders, and friends. When you join this passionate community you receive immediate access to:

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What Is “Beyond the Ordinary” With John Burgos

If you’re tired of the same old self-help ideas and practices…

Or “Shelf-Help” as it’s sometimes called (because it just sits on your shelf and doesn’t help you at all!)

Then you’ll be delighted with this series that redefines the standards of spiritual transformation, personal passion and success.

During this free series, you’ll get “out of the ordinary” perspectives, tools and processes that will help change lives and re-set the bar of personal development tools.

That’s because host John Burgos brings in the world’s top healers and lightworkers to help us manifest easier while managing the many shifts we are currently experiencing.

“My call is to be of service, to lead as I learn, and to share my embodied experiences in the name of love.” ~ John Burgos, Your Host

In this series, John teaches us how to access new vibrational states and maintain the frequency so that our highest and best self becomes a part of everyday life.

Your transformation is inevitable because it’s in your soul’s signature to awaken the success and happiness that ARE your birthright. The time has come, and “Beyond the Ordinary” is designed specifically to help you get there with ease and grace.

Together we are paving the road as we share insights and assist you to a new world where miracles are replacing the illusion of pain and struggle.

Beyond the Ordinary is about sharing wisdom that shifts lives, helps us tap into new frequencies, and plant the seeds today of magnificant and abundant futures tomorrow.

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How “Beyond the Ordinary” Helps You Spiritually Grow

You’ll get support to:

  • Turn confusion into clarity
  • Anxiety into ease and flow
  • Loneliness into sovereignty
  • Frustration into compassion
  • Fear into love
  • Bridge the gap between mind & heart
  • Bring to light information that’s been kept in the dark
  • Illuminate the intelligence of the relationship between personal development & spirituality
  • And ultimately bring yourself back into experiencing your wholeness

By joining this community, you become part of a conscious collective, exponentially raising the global vibration, one conversation at a time. Each thought-provoking session features a soul elevating thought leader to help you deepen into yourself more fully.

These free live spiritual growth webinars feature some of the most interesting discussions about human connection, love, transformation, and metaphysical topics featuring today’s experts on these illuminating topics.

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About Your Beyond the Ordinary Host – John Burgos

John Burgos is a social entrepreneur, an internationally recognized leader in the field of personal evolution, and often referred to as a spiritual activist.

From a very young age, John was moved by the profound, mystical experiences that ignited and enhanced his ability to communicate with different realms. Around his 40th birthday, John underwent a profound esoteric transformation that began to repattern his limiting beliefs where he started seeing energy around people, animals and nature; a sense of heightened intuition that enabled him to see the world for the very first time with colour that spanned beyond what we’d call an ordinary dimension.

It wasn’t long after, during his meditations and dream state that he started receiving messages and ancient teachings from guides he did not have an awareness of before;
spiritually enlightened beings from beyond this realm here to awaken John to his full potential.

As he applied this newly discovered source of wisdom, John’s life dramatically changed and he awakened to a new way of living. He embraced this newfound sense of passion, and purpose, along with the unquenchable desire to share his experiences with people from all around the world. He tapped into a new frequency that he learnt to embody daily, which nourished his life and turned confusion into clarity, anxiety into ease and flow, loneliness into sovereignty, frustration into compassion, and fear into love.

Passionate about cultivating strong communities that are based on personal service and contribution, John created the Beyond The Ordinary Show, which was established as a platform that hosts interesting discussions that are hard to find in the mass media. More than a show, it quickly grew into an interactive community for those seeking ancient wisdom, the next generation of mystical teachings, spiritual awakening and soulful guidance, with a pragmatic and coherent delivery. Each broadcast features John’s interviews with a curated A-list of today’s most relevant, cutting-edge experts and awakened luminaries, who unpack consciousness and generously offer mental, spiritual clarity and direction for the sole purpose of human mastery!

John makes frequent media appearances and is regularly asked to provide commentary and insights on society’s most pressing topics.

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Free Gifts for Attending “Beyond the Ordinary”

  1. “Sacred Breath of Resurrection” Guided Meditation
  2. “Quantum Access® New Earth Timeline” Meditation
  3. “Discover The Pillars Of Soul Alignment” Video Class
  4. “The I Am Presence Portal” Meditation
  5. “Heart Chakra DNA Activation” Meditation
  6. “Immune Boost” Meditation
  7. “Revolution of Love Consciousness” Meditation
  8. “Healing the Three Minds: Brain, Heart, and Gut” eBook
  9. “Angelic Messages and Morning Meditation with Archangel Michael”
  10. “How to Fall in Love with Your Life” Audio
  11. “The Karmic Integration Process”
  12. “Connect with Your Spirit Guides” eBook
  13. “Sixth Sense and your Five Senses” Video
  14. “Infinity Law of One Breath” Meditation
  15. “Attract Money with the Help of the Akashic Records” Video Teaching
  16. “Vitality & Well-Being Healing Chamber” Meditation
  17. “Top 5 Ways to Connect with Animals & Nature” Audio Training

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