Being & Doing Masterclass 2023

Being & Doing Masterclass 2023

More and more of us are waking up from the dream of being separate from reality and from each other.

We are becoming wiser, more empathic, more creative, and more capable than we’ve known ourselves to be. Our hearts are breaking open into compassion and calling us toward kindness, justice and purpose.

So how shall we live?

While we’re clarifying and deepening our awakening, we still have work to do, family and friends to care for, lovers to love, projects to launch, traumas to heal, and a planet in crisis!

Dive into the paradox of being & doing. Awaken into the creative field of possibility that makes humans so amazing.

Join us for practice, inspiration and down to earth guidance. Quicken your evolution – to live your most authentic life and to share your unique gifts with the rest of us.

Why Attend the 2023 Being & Doing Masterclass

Being & Doing Masterclass Series 2023You may have noticed that, at times…

Surges of creative intelligence spring to life inside of you,

The ability to accomplish amazing things effortlessly flows through you,

You start to speak and, seemingly out of thin air, uncanny wisdom and insight emerge,

A sense of contented, connected presence arises within you. But,

We Don’t Only Want Fleeting Experiences – We Want to Make these Ways of Being Our New Normal

We want to move beyond the inhibitions and constraints, the self-doubts and fears, that block our connection to more profound and satisfying ways of living.

We are not all the same! We each have to find the methods and orientations which support us most fully.

This is the spirit and intention of this free online event being hosted by our friends at Being & Doing.

If you’re tired of striving and reaching and not getting the results you want, The Being & Doing Masterclass Series is perfect for you.

Just show up and test some new ways of being and doing.

These are easy tools and methods that you can implement in your life right away. All sessions are completely free and you get to experience them in real time.

What You'll Learn During the Being and Doing 2023 Masterclass

5 Days of “Being” Sessions – Master Teachers Guiding You Into Extraordinary States

Here’s what you can experience when you join us:

  • Open glimpses of awake awareness – which is ALWAYS here with Craig Hamilton.
  • Experience the delight and surprise of spontaneous Flow Speaking with Dave Rock.
  • Discover your own inner muse for creative flow with Brooke McNamara.
  • Uncover the innate values ‘in your bones’ with champion extreme skier and Zen therapist Kristen Ulmer.
  • Learn the art of inquiry and unfold your deeper nature with Dom Liber.
  • And more….

5 Days of “Doing” Sessions – Practical, Inspired Strategies for Everyday Life

For the second 5 days of the summit you will receive world class guidance to bring your deeper experiences forward in your life. Into your work, your art, your projects, your body and your relationships.

Let’s be real. Having profound experiences from time to time isn’t enough. What can you actually DO to orient your life to the full expression and realization of your deeper nature ad capacities.

Here's just a little bit of what you’ll learn:

  • Experience the emergence of deep clarity and learn the best practices for keeping it strong from Derek Rydall.
  • Giovanni Dientsmann will share the path of Mindful Self-Discipline and the power of routines.
  • Experience the “Headless Way” – highly effective mini-practices in awakening with Richard Lang – and the value of having a community of like-minded friends.
  • Paul Austin of Third Wave will share the latest science on the practice of microdosing psychedelics.
  • Don’t miss Jonathan Robinson’s Motivation for Lazy People
  • And much more…

Learn directly from the master teachers in livesessions. Ask your questions. Watch replays for the sessions you miss. Dive in and soak all up!

You will come away from the series having had some extraordinary experiences, trying some new methods and practices, and building a personal strategy to keep your momentum strong.

🌟 Even if you can’t attend live… 🌟

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Oct 02 - 11 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 02 - 11 2023
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