Back To You Workshop

Back To You Workshop

We’re constantly told by society that in order to accomplish our goals, we must rise and grind.

So we jump out of bed, pour some coffee, and hustle through our task list; all in the name of “productivity.”

But what if you could learn how to manifest your truest desires (aka accomplish your real goals) by slowing down and taking more time for yourself?

No, we're not talking about meditating all day in hopes that the universe gives you the man of your dreams knocking on your door and a range rover sitting in your driveway… plus unlimited gift cards to that late-night burrito drive-thru you can’t seem to avoid, even though it's 2-miles out of your way (but it’s soooooooo delish!).

We are talking about discovering what you really want. What fills your heart and satisfies your soul.

What if you remembered how truly powerful and worthy you are…

So that you could actually manifest AND sustain the life of your dreams?

Your dream life is not too good to be true, and it's not too far from reach. It’s much closer than you think…

You won’t find it with another goal-setting app and or in an Instagram vortex of motivational memes about the hustle and grind.

It takes clarity, patience and intentional action (even if that means slowing down in order to speed up).

Hint number one: it’s actually not that *little* and it has the power to grow into something huge.

Randi Halaway has spent YEARS exploring the best practices and tools that will help you tap into your intuition and discover what makes you feel absolutely incredible.

During this 90-minute live workshop, Randi will walk you through how to:

  • Navigate change and trust your intuition
  • Step into the powerful self-care you didn’t know you needed
  • Manifest your desires with intention

Not only are we going to start cultivating awareness to break old patterns, you are going to leave with specific, tangible takeaways and tools you can use immediately.

This workshop isn't going to be like any meditation class or any journal prompts you have done before.

In community with other incredible people, you will step into the specific techniques that have ignited powerful transformation in Randi's  life.

A replay will be available in case you aren’t able to attend live.

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Mar 18 2024


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 18 2024
  • Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Randi Halaway
Randi Halaway