Awakening to Your Power - with Myree Morsi

Awakening to Your Power

Are you living with unclaimed power; hidden, repressed, or held out of your life?

Are you missing out on the potential and grace that embodying your own power can
bring you?

Do you wrestle with the idea of being a powerful person, but are unclear what that
would look like or what it means?

What You'll Learn During “Awakening To Your Power”

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For the last decade I have watched people take steps forward in their awakening and personal growth but avoid the power that it generates. Marginalizing the hard work and struggle they have put in, this unclaimed power creates exhaustion and frustration at a
soul level.

Why do we all undertake this work to grow, become more conscious and aware, but remain unwilling to claim the benevolent and unique powers that awakening produces?

We all have edges to our power. They can come in the form of judgements and fears based on identity or socialization, hesitations to embrace change, and unwillingness to face the unknown, especially where we might not fully recognize ourselves in our newly
awakened and powerful incarnations.

We often fail to recognize the sensations, feelings and expressions of this power in our own bodies.

We mistakenly believe that we can fulfill our awakening while denying the power that is generated to support us on this same journey.

Join me in this important and rare opportunity to explore why power is crucial to claim and integrate as a part of your awakening. As a part of your life.

Class Topics for “Awakening to Your Power”

As a part of your personal evolution, whatever path you are on. And as potent leverage for the destiny that calls you.

During this free online spiritual growth class, you will receive:

  • Opportunity to explore your hesitations to personal power, and find out more
    about your edges to claim it.
  • Unique insights into what is possible when you do claim it.
  • Powerful wisdom teaching and guidance about the emergent powers in your life
    through the doorway of your own awakening.
  • You will be supported through guided innerworks, deepening your understanding
    and experience of your power process and its origins.
  • The opportunity to explore your emergent power in the space of a loving, heart-
    centred community.
  • Access to the recording if you cannot attend the live class.

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About Myree Morsi, Soul Guide and Transformational Therapist

A trauma-focused licensed therapist and initiated spiritual guide for 20+ years, Myree is the stabilising, empowering force in her global client network of people alchemizing trauma and awakening into clarified purpose.

She teaches with warm empathy, clairvoyant gifts, accessible guidance and practical strategies for soul-led authenticity in the modern world.

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Mar 16 2023


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 16 2023
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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