Awaken The Healer Within Summit 2021 - Integrate Ancient Wisdom & Cutting-Edge Science

Awaken The Healer Within Summit 2021 – Integrate Ancient Wisdom & Cutting-Edge Science

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re here for an important reason?

That there is a deeper meaning to your life and you have so much more to contribute…if you could only figure out how to bring it forth?

Especially during times like this, it can all feel so confusing.

The rollercoaster of emotions that come from the flashes of clarity followed by moments of anxiety and fear can be challenging to navigate.

Honestly, it’s totally normal to feel this way.

And there is a way to truly stabilize the sense of peace, joy, and well being. That’s what you’ll discover in this new and life-changing summit called, Awaken The Healer Within.

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What You'll Learn At The Awaken The Healer Within 2021 Summit

34 world-renowned experts in the fields of health and transformation will give you practical solutions and scientifically proven methods to help you:

  • Break through invisible barriers holding you back
  • Dismantle limiting beliefs
  • Attract abundance, support, and resources you need
  • Remain centered when circumstances get tough
  • Avoid getting caught in negative thought patterns
  • Create a deeper sense of inner peace and acceptance
  • Ignite the natural healing wisdom of your body

Your old ways of being have served you well to this point…

And it’s time for you to shift your reality for good!

Come find out how in this groundbreaking summit.

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The Missing Piece To Your Healing

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve created the vision boards, invested in therapies and listened to more self-help podcasts than you can count, and yet….life kinda feels the same.

You’ve been trying different meditations, attending workshops and searching for the right teacher.

You feel so close, yet so far from truly achieving the life of your dreams with optimal health, abundance, and living with passion and purpose.

I’d be willing to be that deep down you know it’s possible. Perhaps you’ve seen it, or even felt real glimpses of it.

The reason it hasn't “clicked” for you so far is because what you seek is within. You are the one with the power to truly break the patterns that are no longer serving and to create your new reality?

During this free online healing event, you'll be guided on a journey to reclaim your power, your health, and your dream life in an upcoming summit hosted by my friend and colleague Jason Prall called Awaken The Healer Within.

You’re ready to finally find that missing piece that makes everything click. You're ready.

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You already “know” that there's a lot more going on than Western science and mainstream media is sharing.

You already “know” that our bodies are connected to our minds and our energetic fields.

You already “know” that a prescription may temporarily suppress symptoms, but it will never get to the root cause?

That's because you've stepped out of “The Matrix” and you're ready to reclaim your birthright and true nature of abundant health, wealth, passion, and life purpose.

To help you move even further in your healing journey, this event will share with you advanced yet surprisingly simple techniques that most people are unaware of, such as:

✅ Mind-body practices proven to accelerate healing

✅ How to clean up distortions in your energetic field

✅ Ways to increase your intuitive perception

✅ Strategies to disrupt patterns of negative thinking and find inner peace

✅ How to align with your true passion and purpose

✅ How to unwind patterns & limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck

✅ Practices to help you live from the heart with greater presence

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Who Is The Awaken The Healer Within 2021 Summit For

  • Believe that you have the ability to truly heal and eliminate symptoms for good.
  • Want to build a healthy, resilient, and robust immune system that can adapt to a changing environment.
  • Find it important to prevent conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, arthritis, and autoimmune conditions
  • Are just starting on your healing journey and don’t know where to begin.
  • Have been on a healing path for a while and want to explore some of the most profound self-applied healing techniques on the planet.
  • Want to get to the source of what’s causing your symptoms and finally resolve them.
  • Want to discover how to apply a diet and lifestyle approach that fits your unique constitution and circumstance.
  • Want to go beyond theory and information and actually learn healing strategies you can implement today.
  • Believe it's essentially important to become the best version of yourself… so you can share your gifts and support others in need.

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About Your Awaken The Healer Within 2021 Summit Host – Jason Prall

Jason Prall is a health educator, practitioner, author, speaker, & filmmaker.

At 13 years old, Jason began dealing with his own chronic health conditions and for the last 21 years, he’s dedicated his life to researching and sharing the wisdom he’s gathered from all over the globe.

In 2018, Jason travelled to over 10 countries to create “The Human Longevity Project”, a 9-part film series that uncovers the true nature of chronic disease in our modern world.
Jason loves to explore the intersection of ancient methods of healing and the latest, cutting-edge, scientific research.

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Oct 19 - 27 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Date: Oct 19 - 27 2021
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