Awaken 3 Sacred Shamanic Lineages of the Heart - Alana Fairchild

Awaken 3 Sacred Shamanic Lineages of the Heart

Have you been feeling like you’re ready to make a significant change in your life, yet are lacking clarity about the best way forward?

Would you like to cultivate a practice that catalyzes your innate resilience, your soul spark, and divine creatrix magic that knows how to sculpt a thing of beauty, meaning, and possibility from the vast realities of life?

This inner pull to try something new may actually be revealing a new pathway or way of being that is trying to open up for you…

… or as shamanic creatrix Alana Fairchild says, open you to your shamanic intelligence, which recognizes your challenge or life change as a wonderful evolutionary opportunity for transformation.

What You'll Learn During “Awaken 3 Sacred Shamanic Lineages of the Heart”

When standing at the crossroads of challenge and change, the medicine of the sacred shamanic lineages of your heart can be invoked to bring clarity, courage, and new cycles of growth into your being and life — right where you need them.

During this invigorating hour with Alana, you’ll awaken three sacred shamanic heart lineages — the Dark Goddess Kali Ma, Christ Consciousness, and the Earth medicine of Cicada spirit guide — and receive their transformational medicine, gifts, and heart-renewing activations in the way that serves what you need most right now in your life.

As a spiritual teacher and self-described “artist of a different kind,” Alana has dedicated her life to creating unique works that reach others where they are on their journey, healing and uplifting them at a deep level. Her unconventional path of transformation fosters self-acceptance, self-discovery, and authenticity as the catalysts for spiritual development and deeper life fulfillment.

You’ll experience this firsthand as you engage with Christ Consciousness and the protective, instinctual presence of the Dark Goddess Kali Ma — symbols of the light and darkness that exist within all of us.

As these powerful energies share their wisdom, you’ll discover a deeper perspective on the nature of light and darkness — and your true nature. Too much light can burn us or blind us (or inflate the ego) if we’re not careful. Likewise, the darkness can provide us with the safe nurturance we need to renew ourselves and create something new and life-affirming.

Receiving these two potent medicines is an invitation to balance and accept all that you are with deeper self-authority, allowing yourself to be unabashedly whole in a world that still tends to value distortion and separation.

As you begin opening to your spiritual shamanic heritage, you’ll simultaneously open to the deeper wisdom, meaning, and possibilities that exist in challenge and change — and illuminate the way forward that is best for you.

In doing so, you’ll give yourself permission to experience the joy, wonder, and vitality of life, regardless of your current circumstances.

Class Topics for “Awaken 3 Sacred Shamanic Lineages of the Heart”

Alana will lovingly guide you through this process during a sacred journey into your heart where you’ll experience the presence and receive the medicine and protection of Kali Ma, Christ Consciousness, and Cicada spirit guide…

… discovering the power and transformational promise of renewal and rebirth in a visceral way that feels both enlivening and authentic to you.

In this captivating online event, you’ll:

  • Begin to fearlessly value your unique spiritual attractions to empower yourself completely, enrich your inner being, and manifest your sacred purpose
  • Recognize signs of the Dark Goddess as shamanic initiation in your life — and understand what this means for you and how you can respond creatively
  • Experience Christ Consciousness in your heart as a spiritual empowerment to evolve authentically from inner spiritual authority rather than societal conditioning
  • Intuit a vision of your profoundly transfigured life, self, and purpose — enhancing your inspiration and courage to engage in your soul’s shamanic creative process
  • Engage in a loving guided journey to bless and empower your path as you experience the protective presence of Kali Ma and the awakening of Christ Consciousness in your heart

This journey will close with an invocation to the enlightened earth-dwelling mother-sage known as Mataji, or Sacred Mother, to provide comfort and energy to fuel your soul’s shamanic potential.

If you’d like to gain deeper clarity on the challenges and changes you currently face by awakening the sacred shamanic lineages of your heart, join us.

About Your Teacher – Alana Fairchild

Alana Fairchild - HeadshotAlana Fairchild is an artist of a different kind, a spiritual visionary and creative powerhouse of inspiration. With a loving sense of humor and an open nature, Alana weaves a quality of magic through her presence and her work, radiating a field of energy that vitalizes and comforts. She is a rare being with access to a nourishing channel of vitalizing spiritual “juice” that genuinely stimulates spiritual awakening and spiritual healing. Her energy is a consciousness catalyst for transformation, with a gentleness, purity, and potency that sets her apart.

Alana’s language is a soul language, a spiritual language, a heart language. Her spiritual offerings are aligned with freedom rather than doctrine. They are supported and guided for effectiveness and evolution, and are available to all, regardless of religious or belief systems. Alana has dedicated her life to creating unique works that will heal and uplift you at a deep level.

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