Authentic Leadership Workshop – Be Unapologetically Yourself While Making A Difference

Authentic Leadership Workshop with Mark WalshWhether you realize it or not, you were born a leader. We all are, even if this hasn't been nurtured in us.

In fact, we can’t NOT be leaders. It's inevitable as we go about our lives, our world, and our work… that we will impact people.

The good news is that with the right support, we can learn how to lead authentically in ways that work uniquely for each of us. You can lead powerfully using your own gifts.

When you truly acknowledge you’re already a leader in your life, that you start to take stock of how you’re doing with that. Then ensure you’re making the greatest difference that you can for:

  • Yourself
  • Those you love
  • The world as a whole

When you change your life, you'll naturally change your community and your world.

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What You'll Learn During the Authentic Leadership Workshop

If leadership seems like something foreign, or somehow beyond you then just know that you’re not alone.

Maybe you’re not a politician in a suit, a soldier standing on a tank, or a businessman speaking their own language. Fortunately, you don’t have to be.

Old-school leadership is a thing of the past. Don’t let a particular image of what a leader is hold you back any longer.

Being a leader isn’t about fitting some stereotype, being famous, or working in management. And trying to be someone else will always be unsuccessful.

People like authenticity. Authenticity feels good, and it’s energising. Paradoxically, you will have a greater impact on the world, and have more fun doing so, if you’re just yourself.
With clarity and the right tools, YOU (yes, just you) can DO something about it.

When you reframe the way you think about yourself as a leader in your world, you’ll be able to identify where your strengths lie and then amplify them.

You’ll discover that you DO have the power to create change in even the most overwhelming of times. You’ll experience how just one person can make a difference when you gain the skills to move past overwhelm into action.

Then you’ll learn how to harness that power lovingly and reliably.

Key Topics for the Authentic Leadership Workshop

  1. Learn to use the 4 core elements of authentic leadership
  2. Identify your unique leadership strengths
  3. Learn how to use those strengths to make a difference
  4. Take real world actions and make a difference
  5. Experience how it feels to be unapologetically you

Who the Authentic Leadership Workshop Is For

People who want to:

  • Make a difference in the world
  • Lead their clients, communities and families more authentically
  • Have an intentional impact on their teams professionally

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Authentic Leadership Workshop Daily Schedule

You’ll move from exploring and mastering the two aspects of self-leadership on Day 1 into doing the same for social leadership on Day 2. Each day will have a real life challenge for you to create change in the world immediately.

In each session you’ll have 30 minutes of learning, followed by 30 minutes of time with Mark to have all your questions answered

Day 1, June 7th 2022: Authentic Leadership Workshop

  • Mark Walsh: What type of leader are you?
  • Fleet Maull: Leading from the inside out
  • Mark Walsh: Bullet-proof your leadership: lessons from Ukraine

Day 2, June 8th 2022: Authentic Leadership Workshop

  • Mark Walsh: Why listening is your superpower
  • Patricia Aguirre: The honour of leading
  • Mark Walsh: Laughing, flirting & calming: how to positively impact others

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About Your Authentic Leadership Facilitator: Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh Headshot“Mr Embodiment” (Mark Walsh) is the author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. He hosts The Embodiment Podcast (1 million+ downloads), and led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates). Seeing a theme yet?

He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course, and has trained over 2000 embodiment coaches in over 40 other countries (some of which will even let him back in).

He gained an honours in psychology (despite been an alcoholic at the time), and has taught widely in the corporate world where he pretended to be a grown up for years, including with blue-chip companies (e.g. Unilever, Shell, Axa, L’Oreal) whom he charged wayyyy too much as they made him wear a suit.

He has also upset… sorry, taught… many yogis, NGOs, police officers and several militaries.

He has worked in war zones, and entertained over 50,000 children. He has headlined International Coach Federation events, lived with the circus in Ethiopia, taught celebrities and kissed a princess.

Mark is an aikido black belt, and also has 25 years of experience of other martial arts, with yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, conscious dance and meditation.

Embodiment is his obsession, life’s work, and frankly at this point he couldn’t get a job doing anything else. He dances like your dad at a wedding, overshares about his gorgeous Ukrainian wife, and offends pirates with his swearing.

He is now tired of writing in the third person.

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Jun 07 - 08 2022


2:00 am - 10:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 07 - 08 2022
  • Time: 5:00 am - 1:00 pm

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