How To Attract Clients To Your Transformational Work Using Authentic Messaging - With Sharla Jacobs

How To Attract Clients To Your Transformational Work With Authentic Messaging – With Sharla Jacobs

As the world continues to be unpredictable, how has your coaching, healing, or other holistic practice been faring?

Maybe your business is growing. Perhaps you’ve seen a downturn. Or you might be noticing a demand for more different types of offerings than ever before.

Perhaps most significantly, are you struggling to connect with potential clients to begin with — or looking for new and better ways you can reach them?

Despite all the changes going on in the world, people are still looking for coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners to help them thrive…

And because these times call for us to be bold and think outside the box, it’s an ideal time to connect with and serve the people who can most benefit from what you offer.

During this free online spiritual business event, you'll learn a unique heart-centered approach to marketing and business that emphasizes the timeless elements of credibility, authenticity, and what makes you stand out.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Spiritual Business Class

  • The 3-step process for connecting with new clients — online or offline
  • A simple template for answering the question “What do you do?” that helps people quickly understand the transformation you offer
  • The 4 major client attractors you must have in place before you name your business, build a website, or do anything related to marketing
  • How shifting how you share about your work can help you increase your income 10x
  • How to create a thriving business by charging more and positioning yourself as the subject matter expert you are, even if you’re just starting out

It's led by Sharla Jacobs, and she affirms that you can absolutely connect with your ideal clients and create a thriving practice filled with clients you love, no matter what’s going on in the world…

And you can do it in a way that is an authentic extension of the transformational work you do.

You may have been honing your craft for years, yet if you aren’t attracting the clients that say, “I need to work with you!” or “I know someone who is looking for exactly what you do!”…

Then now is the time to pivot and reassess your approach.

Sharla has been helping people step into their destinies for 17 years. She’s the perfect mentor to help you build your clientele with her powerful, proven system developed specifically for coaches, holistic practitioners, and healers.

During this free online spiritual business class, you’ll also:

  • Discover the 4 major client attractors you must have in place before marketing your business
  • Learn how to confidently answer the question “What do you do?”
  • And discover how to connect with your ideal potential clients, both online and off.

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About Your Spiritual Business Teacher – Sharla Jacobs

Stephen Dinan has called Sharla Jacobs and her husband and business partner Jesse Koren “the #1 source for turning coaches and holistic practitioners into 6-figure transformational leaders.” Prominent entrepreneur Eben Pagan says they are “the leading authorities in holistic business training.”

In the past 17 years, Thrive Academy members have earned hundreds of millions of dollars collectively, which means a lot of people are getting the healing and empowerment they need. Many of today's transformational leaders launched their business while working with Jesse and Sharla at Thrive Academy.

On the surface, it appears that Jesse and Sharla are teaching practical skills and templates to coaches and holistic practitioners so they can attract more clients and have their first $10,000 month. However, what they’re best known for is providing deeply life-changing experiences for people who know they’ve also got to work on their inner game if they want to create a thriving private practice or step into transformational leadership.

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