Animal Communicator & Healer Summit 2022

The Animal Communicator & Healer Summit is a 5-day virtual event during which over 25 Animal Communication and Healing professionals share their expertise and insight with you!

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What You'll Learn During the Animal Communicator & Healer Summit

Each day features different topics in the world of Animal Communication and Healing, such as:

  • Connecting with your pets
  • Help you tune into your natural ability to communicate with animals
  • Talking to wild animals
  • Healing animals with different holistic techniques.
  • And even start or grow your Animal Communicator business

Now if you're wondering…

How do I know if I can really do this?

You're not alone. Many of us think we are “making it up” or it’s “our imagination.”

Fortunately, you'll also get a straightforward answer to that question in one of the sessions specifically focused on teaching you practical ways to help really communicate with animals.

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Speaker List for the Animal Communicator & Headler Summit

Adele Leas, Alison Martin, Anna Twinney, Carol Komitor, Cathrine Nyquist, Daniela Camino, Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte, Dr. Steven Farmer, Ezekiel Ong, Kara Udziela, Karen Thomas, Kathleen Prasad, Laura Stinchfield, Leah D'Ambrosio, Lori Spagna, Maia Kincaid, Manjiri Latey, Dr. M.J. Barrett, Monique Brignoni, Penelope Smith, Rudy Hunter, Sammy Thompson, Scott Alexander King, Siobhan Pestano, Wynter Worsthorne, Dr. Cara Gubbins

Animal Communicator & Healer Summit 2022 – Speaker Schedule

MONDAY, September 19, 2022

  • “A New Paradigm for Human-Animal Relationships”- ?Dr. Cara Gubbins (Host)
  • “Animal Communication as a Spiritual Path” – Penelope Smith
  • “Evidence Based Animal Communication” – Anna Twinney
  • “Creating a Healing Environment for Shelter Dogs” – Karen Thomas
  • “The Secret and Symbolic Language of Animals” – Scott Alexander King
  • “Animal Communication for Rescuing Big Cats” – Cathrine Nyquist
  • “Learning How to Let Animals Lead the Way to Healing” – Kathleen Prasad

TUESDAY, September 20, 2022

  • “A Simple Self-Help Tool for You and Your Animals” -Adele Leas
  • “Developing Confidence in Animal Communication in the Face of Doubt ” – Maia Kincaid
  • “Using Meditation for a Successful Animal Communication Session” – Leah D'Ambrosio
  • “How to Navigate Illness, Death, and Dying.” – Laura Stinchfield
  • “The Divine Mission of Animals ” -Lori Spagna
  • “Healing Anxiety: Untangling Trauma, Silent Pain, and Subtle Energy Influences” – Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte
  • “Healing Ourselves through Animal Communication” – Dr. Cara Gubbins

WEDNESDAY, September 21, 2022

  • “Animal Spirit Guides” – Dr. Steven Farmer
  • “Connecting with Animals Over the Rainbow Bridge” – Ezekiel Ong
  • “Animals Healing Themselves (Zoopharmacognosy)” – Siobhan Pestano
  • “Addressing Behavioral Challenges Using Animal Communication” – Alison Martin
  • “EFT for Pets and People” – Dr. Cara Gubbins
  • “Communicating with Wild Animals” – Wynter Worsthorne
  • “Animals as Our Spiritual Teachers” – Monique Brignoni

THURSDAY, September 22, 2022

  • “Healing Touch for Animals ” – Carole Komitor
  • “Tracking Lost Animals” – Kara Udziela
  • “Healing Trauma With Energy Work For Your Furry Friends” – Rudy Hunter
  • “Understanding Animals as Emotional Empaths” – Sammy Thompson
  • “Animal Communication Research ” – MJ Barrett
  • “People Skills for Animal Communicators” – Manjiri Latey
  • “Interspecies Communication: We Can All Do It! ” – Daniela Camino
  • “A New Paradigm for Human-Animal Relationships” – Dr. Cara Gubbins

FRIDAY, September 23, 2022 – Final Viewing Day

  • Facebook LIVE Closing Ceremony
  • End of all Summit Live Broadcasts

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About Your Host – Dr. Cara Gubbins

Dr. Cara Gubbins - HeadshotDr. Cara began conducting scientific research as a high school student and she holds BA, MA and PhD degrees in Animal Behavior, Physiology, Ecology, Conservation, and Evolution.

Cara and her research have been featured on CNN, the BBC, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Specials.

A lifelong learner, Cara returned to graduate school and completed an MA in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing in 2012.

In addition to Animal Communication, Dr. Cara has studied many disciplines of energy readings and healings, including Matrix Energetics, Reiki, EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and traditional psychic development, including mediumship.

She lives with her husband, their two children, their two Australian shepherds Dazzle and Po, their cat Chester, and Milo the bunny in northern California.

A Message From Your Host – Dr. Cara Gubbins

Hi, I’m Dr. Cara Gubbins and I help animal lovers become animal communicators so that they can live the life of their dreams – talking to animals!

Cara with Lexi and ZaneWhen I was a kid, I dreamed of being Dr. Doolittle when I grew up. In 2010 at the age of 44, my dream came true when I started doing Animal Communication sessions for my friends and family. About a year later, I started my business as an Animal Communicator. Since then I have communicated with thousands of animals – dogs, cats, and horses, of course, but also lions, whales, insects, fish and reptiles – and taught hundreds of people how they can communicate with animals, too.

My personal philosophy driving everything that I do is this:

I believe that we are divine beings having a human experience. We are here on Earth to share our unique gifts and learn our spiritual lessons. And animals can be both our greatest teachers and the most important recipients of the gifts we are here to share.

I also believe that if you have a dream to become an Animal Communicator at any level, that you are meant to live that dream.

I am here to help you live that dream.

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Free Gift for Attendees: “Live Your Calling” Workshop

Are you ready to align your past, present and future so that you can make your dream of being an animal communicator or healer FINALLY come true?

Dr. Cara Gubbins is on a mission to help every animal lover who wants to become an animal communicator or healer to make their dream come true.

That's why she created her brand new Live Your Calling Workshop.

In this 3 part series, she is going to help you understand your calling and how to achieve it so that you can experience the joy, the excitement, and the satisfaction of living your calling as an Animal Communicator or Healer.

In Part One, she’ll show you how your ability to work with animals today is impacted by your experiences in the past.

In Part Two, she’ll help you overcome your brain's built-in negativity bias to make it easier for you to move forward toward your dreams.

In Part Three, you will meet your future self and identify ways to help yourself manifest and co-create your future even faster.

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Sep 19 - 23 2022


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