Amplify Your Clairvoyance - Jen Gilchrist

Amplify Your Clairvoyance Masterclass Series

Do you want to amplify your clairvoyant, channeling and healing abilities while releasing doubts and fear of judgements?

The “Amplify Your Abundance” masterclass series is an opportunity to participate in a free guided experience for gaining confidence and trust in your inherent spiritual gifts and cultivate your energetic boundaries.

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What You'll Learn During “Amplify Your Clairvoyance” with Jen Gilchrist

When you join the Free Activation Masterclass Series, you will:

  • Tap into greater freedom and stand in your personal power as you clear karmic and ancestral agreements on using your clairvoyant, channeling and healing abilities
  • Participate in a guided experience to awaken your inherent spiritual gifts
  • Align to your higher self and purpose to unlock your creative potential in life and business
  • Cultivate your energetic boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed by sensitivities as an empath
  • Gain confidence, clarity and trust in your abilities to share your message and spiritual gifts in meaningful ways
  • Release the fear of judgment and doubts to accelerate the awakening of your inherent spiritual gifts
  • Clear leaky energetic boundaries and social contracts to open new paths and exciting possibilities for yourself
  • Gain deeper faith and trust in yourself as you connect with other lightworkers, healers and empaths
  • … and SO much more!


  • Additional Q/A plus expanded content
  • Learn how clearing and balancing your chakras will amplify your manifesting power
  • Experience a guided Chakra Balancing Alignment Activation with Archangel Metatron to activate light codes and sacred geometry to clear your path and accelerate the manifestation of your intentions

If you’re ready for a guided experience for gaining confidence and trust in your inherent spiritual gifts and cultivate your energetic boundaries, you’ll want to be there!

Amplify Your Clairvoyance Daily Schedule

  • Day 1: Confidently Receive Messages – How to communicate with your Spiritual Support team + Vibrational Scale Activation
  • Day 2: Avoid Energetic Overwhelm – Activating Your Healing Energy and Abilities + Healing Energy Exercise
  • Day 3: Tap Into Spiritual Truth – Accessing and Amplifying Your Clairvoyant Abilities + 6th Chakra Activation
  • Day 4: Divine Downloads on Demand – Exploring Your Channeling Gifts + Light Language Transmission

Who Should Attend the “Amplify Your Clairvoyance” Masterclass Series

This is for you if you are:

  • A highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive service based women who is feeling confused and overwhelmed by your sensitivities
  • Struggling with having clarity of your unique purpose and spiritual gifts
  • Feeling your “inner alarm clock” is going off and you are feeling the call into being of service in the world with your unique gifts and message
  • Feeling invisible to your ideal clients and JV partners
  • Know you are meant to be speaking on Big stages, become a best selling published author or blogger on the Huffington post.

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Free Gifts for Attendees

When you register for the “Amplify Your Clairvoyance” Masterclass Series, you'll also get these two bonus sessions:

  • February 17th – Group Aura Reading and Clearing”
  • February 22nd – Expansion Journey to Anchor Your Spiritual Gifts: Embracing Your Highest Vibrational Timeline and Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose

About Your Facilitator – Jen Gilchrist

Jen Gilchrist - HeadshotJen Gilchrist, has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner –making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. It is her gift and passion to awaken people to their inherent soul gifts and help them clear soul-level blocks so they can fully show up in all their brilliance. She guides her clients into practical and actionable steps to and create thriving purpose driven businesses that aligns to their unique soul’s purpose.

Jen believes that it is imperative to create your business from the inside out. She says, “When you are in alignment to your soul’s calling it is absolutely inevitable that you will experience new levels of Freedom, Joy and Abundance while making the Impact in the world I know your heart desires.”

She considers being a mother to her beautiful and talented daughter her greatest joy and accomplishment. Her favorite personal pleasure is to swim with the wild dolphin pods in Kona, Hawaii. Jen has been on close to 40 different dolphins swims with hundreds of dolphins and says that it is both a playful and spiritual experience and that she has learned and transformed herself through these experiences exponentially.

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Feb 13 - 16 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 13 - 16 2023
  • Time: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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