Align With Source Energy to Receive Intuitive Messages About Your Health & Wellbeing - With Marie Manuchehri

Align With Source Energy to Receive Intuitive Messages About Your Health & Wellbeing

During this free online spiritual healing class, you'll experience an advanced frequency-boosting meditation practice enabling you to:

  • Trust your multisensory skills
  • And receive valuable insights and solutions to your biggest challenges and decisions.

“The medicine of the future will be music and sound.” — Edgar Cayce

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What You'll Learn During “Align With Source Energy to Receive Intuitive Messages About Your Health & Wellbeing”

Are you ready to take your intuitive abilities to the next level?

If you wish to communicate better with your inner guidance system and receive information that can help you heal yourself and others, it’s vital to clear out misperceptions and false beliefs about who you are — and what you deserve.

The truth is that you are multisensory! Which means that the intuitions you receive may arrive through many portals, ranging from a scent, to a flash of light, to an image that pops in your head.

These messages can be used to heal yourself and others, get practical guidance on real life decisions that are before you, and provide you with the felt sense of being connected to Source at all times.

With energy medicine healer Marie Manuchehri’s clear and warm guidance (plus high-vibration inspiration!), you’ll develop more and more confidence in the foundation of the multisensory abilities you’ve been cultivating through high frequencies and perceptions.

With this practiced alignment to Source Energy in place, you’ll learn to communicate more effectively — by asking the right questions in the most effective ways, paying mindful attention to the variety of ways an answer can arrive, and ultimately trusting in the information you receive.

Join us for this hour with Marie, where you’ll be guided in a powerful meditation to experience how Source encounters and activates your auric field with Divine Light…

… so you can begin deciphering and trusting the energetic textures and messages within and without to sculpt the life that’s meant for you.

Class Topics For “Align With Source Energy to Receive Intuitive Messages About Your Health & Wellbeing”

During this free online healing workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore how the Universe interacts with your light — so you’ll know when important information is coming in
  • Learn why new perceptions will likely not make immediate sense to your logical mind — and why this is a normal and positive sign
  • Gain clarity when making important life decisions or seeking solutions to challenges by understanding how to ask your questions accurately
  • Understand the importance of follow-through — and how resistance can be a sign that you need to follow a new direction for your highest good
  • Receive the wisdom of releasing expectation — paradoxically the best way to ensure you’ll receive what you desire

Marie stresses that to have multisensory experiences and manifest healing (or anything) at the deepest level, your perception must change.

Positive thoughts generated by positive perceptions create the good vibes or higher frequencies you need to break past low-frequency (mind-made) perceptions and outdated beliefs that are tamping down your creative energy.

The higher your vibration and the longer you can maintain that elevated frequency, the easier it will be to attract the outcomes you want and access your multisensory capabilities.

Get started raising your vibration with Marie during this free online event, where she’ll guide you in a powerful meditative visualization that connects you to your truest identity through Source Energy.

Life is play… but it is serious play. And the artist of life who takes their path seriously needs to keep playing and practicing.

Marie is a master at helping others practice and continue to make subtle inner shifts in their perceptions to raise their energetic vibrations AND become better manifesters (or life sculptors) — for themselves and others.

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About Your Teacher – Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri - HeadshotMarie Manuchehri, RN, is an energy medicine healer who bridges the gap between conventional and holistic medicine. She was raised in a family that valued preventive medicine, but it was during her work as an oncology nurse that she discovered and developed her skills as an energy medicine practitioner. The hospital turned out to be the ideal place to understand the energetic relationship between health and disease.

A self-taught healer, Marie learned to connect conventional medicine’s understanding of disease (as it was described in a patient’s chart) to what she could intuitively understand about a patient’s condition related to his or her energy system. She learned to identify the stagnant energy of disease and move it out of the body, making room for healthier energy to move in and work its healing magic. During this time, Marie discovered she was a medium (having the ability to connect with those on the other side of the veil.) She uses her talents as an energy medicine practitioner and medium to help people heal their wounds and expand their consciousness.

Marie’s private practice includes thousands of clients from across the world. She has a weekly radio show called Where Energy and Medicine Meet, is the author of Intuitive Self-Healing, and has a CD series called How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides.

“In truth, all is well, everyone is healthy, loved, magnificent, and precious beyond measure. Recognizing this authentic perception is mandatory for healing oneself or assisting in healing another.” — Marie Manuchehri

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Dec 17 2022


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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