Afrikan Wisdom Summit 2022 - For Happiness, Inspiration, Healing, and Connection

Afrikan Wisdom Summit 2022 – For Happiness, Inspiration, Healing, and Connection

Join 35+ visionaries, leaders, scholars, educators, theologians, artists, activists, and trauma experts in conversations of liberation, inspiration and transformation that can benefit everyone.

You'll get to learn practical tools and practices for cultivating more happiness, joy, inspiration, healing, pride, connection, and love for humanity.

And we'll explore ways to draw strength from our ancestors, and learn how generations of powerful Afrikan wisdom can be a source of strength for all people.

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What Will You Learn At the Afrikan Wisdom Summit 2022

  • Discover rich wisdom from Afrika to feed your mind, your heart and your soul
  • Learn how to communicate love, hope and gratitude through the vibrant practices of Afrikan artists
  • Explore ways we can all draw strength from our ancestors
  • Learn about the importance of healing trauma, including inter-generational trauma
  • Discover the influence of Afrikan culture on religious and spiritual traditions
  • Come to a deeper understanding of the origins and goals of Black liberation movements, including Black Lives Matter
  • Learn how generations of powerful Afrikan wisdom can be a source of strength for all people

Who Can Benefit from the Afrikan Wisdom Summit 2022

  • People of all races and backgrounds who would like to live with more happiness, joy, inspiration, healing, pride, connection, and love for humanity
  • Anyone who is new to Afrikan wisdom
  • Anyone who would like to deepen their existing knowledge and appreciation for the wisdom of Afrika
  • Anyone who would like to connect more deeply with their Afrikan heritage
  • Anyone searching for a better understanding of the history and experiences of people of Afrikan descent

Why Does This Summit Use A “K” in Afrika?

While British and Portuguese colonialists spelled Afrika with a C, in Swahili and other indigenous Afrikan languages it has always been spelled with a K. In the spirit of bringing you authentic Afrikan wisdom, we are spelling it with a K.

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Afirkan Wisdom Summit 2022 – Daily Schedule of Events

  • Day 1: Wisdom in the Afrikan Diaspora
  • Day 2: Wisdom of Religious and Spiritual Traditions
  • Day 3: Wisdom of Our Ancestors
  • Day 4: Wisdom of the Arts
  • Day 5: Wisdom of Black Liberation Movements
  • Day 6: Wisdom of the Body and Healing Trauma
  • Day 7: Wisdom of Raising the Next Black Generation

Speaker List – Afrikan Wisdom Summit 2022

  • Mungi Ngomane: Human Rights Activist, Patron of the Tutu Foundation UK, Author of Everyday Ubuntu
  • Kenneth Hardy, PhD: Director of Eikenberg Institute for Relationships, Professor, Trauma Specialist, Author
  • Lady Phyll Opoku-Gyimah: Political Activist, Co-founder of UK Black Pride, Executive Director of Kaleidoscope
  • Justin Michael Williams: Transformational Speaker, Recording Artist, Author of Stay Woke
  • Ofosu Jones-Quartey: Hip Hop Electronic Music Artist, Meditation Teacher
  • Deran Young: Founder and CEO Black Therapists Rock, Writer, Entrepreneur
  • Bayo Akomolafe, PhD: Author, Philosopher, Writer, Activist, Professor of Psychology
  • Afua Cooper, PhD: Historian, Author, Poet, named on Canada’s Maclean’s Power List
  • Luisah Teish: Author of the bestselling book Jambalaya, Spirit Leader, Arts Activist, Teacher
  • Syrus Marcus Ware, PhD: Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Canada, Abolitionist, Visual Artist
  • Kaira Jewel Lingo: Dharma and Mindfulness Teacher, Former Buddhist Nun, Author of We Were Made for These Times
  • Robert Taylor: Photographer with permanent collections in the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Eldra Jackson III: Co-Executive Director of Inside Circle, Father, Spiritual Warrior
  • Femi Otitoju: Founder and Managing Director of Challenge Consultancy, Writer, Keynote Speaker
  • Teneshia Samuel: Counselor, Psychoeducator, and Interdisciplinary Artist
  • Pamela Ayo Yetunde, ThD: Author, Assistant Professor, Co-founder of the Center of the Heart
  • Devi Ward Erickson: Author, Founder of the Institute of Authentic Tantric Education, Certified Sexologist, Tantra Healer
  • Max Gaston: Human Rights Lawyer, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at University of Notre Dame Law
  • Arisika Razak: Professor Emerita, Writer, Internationally renowned Spiritual Dancer
  • Veta Goler, PhD: Doctor of African American Studies, Dance Historian, Choreographer, Performer
  • Jana Long: Co-founder and Executive Director Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, Yoga Therapist, Wellness Educator
  • Rev. Matthew Wesley Williams: Interim President of the Interdenominational Theological Center, Ordained Elder Presbyterian Church
  • Queen Hollins: Teacher, Dancer, Visionary of sacred ancestral traditions
  • Roger Griffith, MBE: Writer, Producer, Educator, Social Activist
  • Opal Palmer Adisa, PhD: Cultural Activist, Gender Specialist, Writer, Editor in Chief
  • Olusola Adebiyi: Storyteller, Author, Founder of Narrative Mindfulness
  • Aleta Alston-Toure: Social Change Mother, Cultural Artist, Political Educator
  • Shaka Khalphani: Researcher, Urban Warrior, Truck Driver
  • Will Coleman, PhD: Theologian, Master of Divinity, Practitioner of African-American spiritualities
  • Rosalina Edwards: Political Scientist, Editor, Producer
  • Edwin Patterson: Former Congressman, Cacao Grower, Restauranteur
  • Vinna Best: Entrepreneur, Founder of the CurlyTreats Festival
  • Andrea Thompson: Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Educator, Author
  • Cosmore Marriott: Transpersonal Counselor, Elder in the Dagara Tradition of West Africa, Reiki Master
  • Alexis Edwards-Williams: Educator, Teacher, Parent
  • Gabriel Grenot: Father, Ex-Political Prisoner, Yoruba Practitioner
  • Nisa Muhammad: Writer, Researcher of Afrikan Studies

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About Your Afrikan Wisdom Summit 2022 Co-Hosts

About Summit Co-Host: Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John

Afrikan Wisdom Summit Co-Founder, Curator and Co-Host; Editor of the book Afrikan Wisdom; Public Speaker

About Summit Co-Host: Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Founder/CEO Empowerment Holdings, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, President of International Mindfulness Teachers Association

Bonus Gifts for Afrikan Wisdom Summit 2022 Attendees

Gift #1: A Chapter from the Anthology, Afrikan Wisdom

Gift #2: Video Presentation: Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Incorporating mindfulness education into the workplace in a focused and flexible way
  • Mindfulness practices that will assist in making space for nonjudgmental, safe, and vibrant communities
  • Understanding the key elements of belonging and how to incorporate them into your daily life
  • Ways to foster co-creation and collaboration in the workplace
  • The importance of supporting leaders who embody mindfulness in their approaches and policies

Gift #3: Video Presentation: The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

  • Exploring “control” as an addiction, and the miraculous healing we encounter when we simply let go
  • Redefining surrender as an act of receiving more, not losing what we have
  • Recognizing the difference between living a mindful life, and a life driven by the mind
  • Why understanding the right questions to ask ourselves is more important than the answers
  • Why we don’t need to know where we’re going in order to get where we want to be

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Afrikan Wisdom Summit Mission Statement

Afrikan Wisdom Summit is focusing on the rich wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. The birth of this summit came from the anthology, Afrikan Wisdom, edited by Dr. Valerie Mason-John M.A (hon.doc) and published in 2021 by North Atlantic Books.

Valerie wanted to ensure that the theme of Afrikan Wisdom is not overshadowed by the intergenerational trauma that is so often focused on. She approached Wisdom for Life founder Eric Forbis to help bring Afrikan Wisdom to a wider audience.

Together they co-founded the Afrikan Wisdom Summit as equal business partners. The intention is that this will become an annual event bringing together thought leaders and experts to explore a wide variety of Afrikan Wisdom.

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