Activate Your Body’s Miraculous Healing Abilities Using the Language of Energy

Activate Your Body’s Miraculous Healing Abilities Using the Language of Energy

The language you probably knew as a child but may have forgotten…

… is instrumental in helping you work with the subtle energy of your life force — to access profound self-healing.

It’s the innate language of your body, communicated through feelings, sensations, thoughts, and symptoms.

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What You'll Learn During “Activate Your Body's Miraculous Healing Abilities”

As adults, many of us have stopped listening to the energetic messages that hold important cues for what we need at any given moment, often not hearing what our body is saying until it “shouts” louder… and discomfort turns into illness.

By tuning in to your own energetic vocabulary, you can tap into your innate healing and creative capabilities.

Learning to communicate with your body in this way is the key to true healing, according to medical intuitive Ellen Meredith. It’s how you unite your three selves — body, mind, and spirit — which are constantly communicating just under the surface of your awareness to collaborate in your healing.

Benefits of Activating Your Body's Miraculous Ability to Heal

When you’re fluent in the language of your body, you’re speaking energy, says Ellen, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP)…

… because speaking energy enables you to:

  • Sense subtle energies
  • Shift patterns
  • Activate your body’s miraculous ability to heal

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Health Challenges You Can Heal by Understanding the Language of Energy

This fluency allows you to create your own energy medicine unique to your specific needs to address physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges — from:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Chronic diseases
  • Depression
  • Anxiet
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of purpose
  • Migraines
  • And many more

For example, if you suffer from chronic migraines, responding to your symptoms in a creative and compassionate way by releasing preconceived thoughts about “migraines” can help you become more receptive to what your body is asking of you — and more aware of how your energy systems need to move, refuel, organize, and heal in order to thrive.

By learning to use and interpret a rich vocabulary of gesture, sound, imagery, movement, and rhythm, you can allow your built-in guidance system to show you what you need — moment to moment. You can then respond to your symptoms with energetic practices that can shift the pain and imbalance, and provide you with deeper understanding.

Ellen will walk you through a guided exercise that will show you how to enter into conversation with your own being, using entry points on your body and engaging in energy dialogue with it. You’ll experience how you can use touch, intention, and gesture to communicate directly with your body.

As Ellen affirms, no one knows your body, mind, and spirit better than you do — and by exploring how to use energy dialogue, you can practice becoming your own energy medicine healer.

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Class Topics for “Activate Your Body’s Miraculous Healing Abilities Using the Language of Energy”

  • Energy medicine exercises to calm reactivity, reset your energies, and feel grounded in your deeper purpose
  • Techniques to shift your perspective from chemical to energetic to activate your natural abilities to heal and thrive
  • A guided practice to help you identify where your body is asking for attention and offering you gifts
  • How to use the language of energy to communicate with your body and use its wisdom to guide self-healing
  • Energy communication tools to support your body, mind, and spirit — and strengthen your resilience when navigating challenges

Combining her own unique style of healing with the Eden Energy Medicine approach, Ellen has helped thousands use energy medicine and the language of the body to get to the heart of physical, emotional, and life challenges, and to compassionately contribute to their own healing.

Discover how to speak energy — a healing way of communicating with your body’s own language — to identify its needs and activate your miraculous ability to heal.

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About Your Energy Healing Teacher – Ellen Meredith

Ellen Meredith - HeadshotEllen Meredith, Doctor of Arts, is a conscious channel, medical intuitive, energy medicine practitioner, teacher, and author. She has been in practice since 1984, helping over 10,000 clients and students across the globe communicate with their own energies, hear their inner guidance, and heal.

Ellen is renowned for her down-to-earth, yet out-of-the box thinking. Originally trained as a healer by her inner teachers (Councils), Ellen later became an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) and is an emeritus member of Donna Eden’s faculty.

Ellen brings humanity, humor, and insight in many forms to the world of energy healing. Her approach to self-healing with energy medicine offers students tools that help them get to the heart of their health and life challenges, and work compassionately with their body, mind, and spirit. She builds on everyday experiences and common-sense frameworks, believing that life reveals more of its meaning if you treat it as an evolving story, and see yourself as a unique character helping to co-create it.

Ellen is the author of The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-Healing with Energy Medicine… Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self (channeled book)… In Search of Radiance: Learning to Stand with Your Wiser Self (channeled class audiobook)… and the soon-to-be-published book, Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change.

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