A Course in Miracles, Children's Edition Book Study

A Course in Miracles, Children’s Edition Book Study

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A Course In Miracles Children's Edition” offers a remarkable approach to introducing spirituality to young minds, emphasizing the transformative power of healing and forgiveness.

As a parent, incorporating this children's edition into your child's life provides a beautiful opportunity to explore the connection between your kids and the teachings of ACIM, fostering a deep understanding of love and compassion.

Through positive affirmations, visuals, and activities tailored for children, this program encourages a mindset of kindness and empathy. Initiating conversations about meditation and explaining ACIM in child-friendly language allows you to navigate spiritual discussions with your child, nurturing a sense of peace and mindfulness.

This unique resource becomes a bridge between your child and the profound teachings of ACIM, making spirituality an accessible and enriching aspect of their growing journey to God.”

About The Author

Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne's journey epitomizes unwavering spiritual determination. After dedicating his life to rigorous spiritual practice, he embarked on a five-year vision quest, voluntarily embracing poverty as a self-inspired monk.

His quest to “forgive the world” led to a profound “multi-dimensional death experience,” transcending the world we know, and then returned with a mission to share divine insights.

Claiming direct communication with the “Wholly-Spiritual Universe,” he aims to guide others on the path to liberation and transcendence, offering not just concepts but a tangible experience of its illuminated reality.

His journey encapsulates a remarkable transformation and selfless commitment to spiritual awakening, which he offers through his multiple developments, including Undefinable and Expansive.

About Your Book Study Facilitators

M. Lyn Holmes-Johnson HeadshotM. Lyn Holmes-Johnson is a long-time student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. Throughout her lifelong personal relationship with Jesus, He asked her several times to help Him save the world.

When she read the same plea from Jesus in ACIM, she realized that this book documented His directions for how to do it. Lyn administers ACIM Gather for A Course in Miracles, a Course community that meets online on Zoom and Paltalk.

The purpose of the community is to help Teachers of God learn to hear and respond to their own Inner Guide through teaching and sharing. All are invited to take their place among the Teachers of God on ACIM Gather.

Audrey Whitehead HeadshotAudrey Whitehead (aka audz or audsie) has been studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) since the end of 2018 on the apparent timeline.

Her earthly aspiration is to continue mind training while being willing to see where to choose the miracle and then, transcend this human form to see, be and know the joy of life pulsing through everything.

audsie would settle for a world where all ACIM-ers came together in, as and for the sonship as described in the Course. Thank you for the multitude of opportunities available to Know Thyself.

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