Abundance for Life Mindfest 2024

Abundance for Life Mindfest 2024

For anyone who has lost confidence that it is still possible to have everything you want…

Chaotic times can be the easiest time to succeed – when you know what to do.

If you're struggling and your confidence is low, “Abundance for Life” is an easy, realistic, FREE, step-by-step way to succeed—even in challenging times.

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Abundance for Life Mindfest 2024Possibility thinking is at an all-time low. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty…

Yet contrary to popular belief, it IS still possible to be abundantly successful.

You can share in the economic rewards that so many are talking about but so few are feeling. You can live a life of possibility.

And that's why during “Abundance for Life” you will receive five days of professionally produced instruction that can completely change your life.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • The Abundance for Life Mindfest is easy to use. Every day for five days in a row, show up at a special website, and click play. You will receive guidance by Paul R. Scheele to direct your inner “genius” mind for abundance.
  • It is realistic. Forget about pie-in-the-sky promises of mansions and exotic vacations and millions of dollars (though let's not completely rule them out). As you listen, you will find out how those who create what they want in life do it—and, how you can do it, too.
  • If you get stuck or confused, you will have someone there to help you get past it.
  • The program is applicable to today's conditions, not some pipedream perfect conditions of years past. But something that works today.
  • It addresses why you are not already putting into practice the success principles you already know—why you are often afraid to act (or keep on acting) even when you have learned what to do.

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You probably know there are few secrets these days about how to be successful.

There are thousands of excellent (and not-so-excellent) “how-to” books—how to start a business, how to set goals, how to negotiate, how to sell, how to gain rapport with others, how to create an action plan, how to deal with setbacks, etc., etc.

You've probably read some of these books or attended seminars about these subjects.

Each time you probably excited for a while. You probably took a few actions only to have your enthusiasm dwindle—or, you'd become confused about what to do next. The problem wasn't that someone hadn't taught you what to do.

Oftentimes, the real problem is working up enough motivation, confidence, and passion to act and keep going.

Dealing with this problem is one of the strongest aspects of the Abundance for Life Mindfest. Paul Scheele, your facilitator, understands the problem isn't knowing what to do, it's getting yourself to do it.

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We each have an internal map of who we are and what's possible—mostly made of unexamined assumptions.

Paul Scheele calls these unexamined assumptions “trances”—trances that hold us back from feeling confident, taking action, being persistent, feeling passion for what we want, and
…going after it

These trances keep us from seeing and seizing opportunities that are right in front of our nose. They keep our expectations low, and keep us from believing that we really deserve—and can actually achieve—what we want.

Abundance for Life Mindfest spends a lot of time helping you become aware of this internal world, because that's where the action is.

Once you become aware of this internal world, these trances—these self-sabotaging assumptions about what's possible—dissolve.

Once that happens, success (whatever that is for you) becomes easy.

At this point, your passion is awakened—along with other powerful qualities such as persistence, courage, and enthusiasm.

You begin to get ideas.

You notice resources that were right in front of you all along. And, you become motivated!

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Yes, there will still be challenges. There will be setbacks. There will be disappointments. That's just part of the journey (ask any successful person)…

But these challenges won't look the same as they do to you now, and here's why:

With the self-sabotaging trances out of the way, you gain the ability to turn challenges, setbacks, and disappointments into advantages.

If you faithfully do the exercises Paul has created in this course (which you'll thoroughly enjoy), you will master this crucial internal world.

Once you do, THE major roadblocks to success will be out of your way.

The Abundance for Life Mindfest, then, isn't about the details of how to start a business, or how to make money, or how to write that book, or whatever it is you'd like to do.

Instead, it's about the underlying mental/emotional/spiritual mindset that allows you to discover (and happily and passionately do) what needs to be done or, prevents you from doing so.

This mindset is more fundamental—and much more important—than the “nuts and bolts.” It's the real reason why, so far, you may not have been able to crack the code for how to achieve the success you want.

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Ask any successful person and he or she will tell you when they started they didn't know how they were going to get to where they wanted to be. They just started, and “what to do” became apparent, a bit at a time.

The “how-to” (though you do need to figure that out, and the Abundance for Life Mindfest will provide some valuable help in doing so) isn't the big problem.

You will figure that out.

Creating and sustaining the motivation, the creativity, the passion, and the persistence to do what you need to do is the difficult part. And the solution to that problem is the treasure that this course
lays in front of you

This mindset—this shedding of the debilitating trances that have held you back—supersedes external conditions, the state of the economy, or anything else.

Will you have to deal with conditions the way they are? Of course. But if you have the mindset, which you will, once you've spent some time with this course—you will figure out what to do regardless of the current conditions.

Your life will no longer run on autopilot. You'll stop unconsciously sabotaging yourself, or unconsciously holding yourself back from the success you want.

You'll choose what serves you.

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The way Paul has created this program, it's as close to effortless as something like this can be (nothing worth having is totally effortless).

Daily Schedule for the Abundance for Life Mindfest

Day 1 “Go to the Source of Abundance”

Day 2 “Awaken from Trances of Limitation”

During days 1 & 2, you'll deep into how to create and sustain the motivation, creativity, passion, and persistence you'll need to achieve your dreams.

You will learn how to deal with the feelings that have held you back, so that you can install a new “winners” mindset (unlike what you've been taught before).

Day 3 “Seven-Step Creative Process”

This little gem will give you the perfect structure for allowing the “how-to” to come to you, as you need it.

Day 4 “Congruent Communications to Attract Support”

Numerous studies have shown that when your communication is congruent (something others pick up through tone of voice, body language, and many other unconscious cues) you become so attractive to others that they willingly provide you with all the help and resources you need.

Day 5 “The Solutions Focus & Unlimited Abundance”

When instead you focus on the ideal solution (in a way you'll have to get into the course to learn) you almost magically create incredibly effective “outside-the-box” solutions

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The Abundance for Life Mindfest is not one of the popular summits popping up all over the Internet where experts come together in an ad hoc manner to teach.

No, in this unusual online experience you will stream an actual self-study course that was carefully designed and produced to deliver results.

Tens of thousands of people have paid $445 and more for the CDs of the course, and you get to listen to them free during the Abundance for Life Mindfest.

Because of this, you will get unlimited access to our Abundance for Life online Discussion Forum where you can interact with other people who are also using the course, ask questions, and find out what's working for other students.

You'll also have access to thousands of past posts, questions, and answers—a tremendous resource.

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🌟 Each session will be available for 24 hours. Then if you want to keep the course forever, you'll have an opportunity to purchase it at a significantly discounted tuition during this event.

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