7 Spiritual Keys to Break Through Limits and Live Your Ultimate Life - With Debra Poneman

7 Spiritual Keys to Break Through Limits and Live Your Ultimate Life – With Debra Poneman

During this live “7 Keys to Break Through Limits” webinar, you'll get the keys to end the struggle…

So that you can live a life of joy, satisfaction, success, abundance, and spiritual fulfillment…

No matter what your current situation might be.

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Spiritual Support You'll Receive From The 7 Keys to Break Through Limits Webinar

The 7 Keys to Break Through Limits and Live Your Ultimate LifeThe 7 Keys to Break Through Limits and Live Your Ultimate Life - Debra PonemanThis webinar will help you live a life of true and lasting success with all the spiritual and material prosperity your heart yearns for.

To help you do that, Debra will be leading you through a powerful process…

That her students say has been indispensable in creating their ultimate lives and will even share what the ancient mystical texts say you need to do to face and overcome life’s biggest challenges.

During the “The 7 Keys to Break Through Limits” webinar, your host, Debra Poneman, will give you the tools to live the kind of success where you:

  • Wake up in the morning with fire in your belly and excitement in your heart
  • Are guided at every moment by an inner voice as to how you can make a difference
  • Harness the power of the Universe so that your life is an effortless flow
  • Have absolute clarity about when to stay the course and when to let go
  • Know how to spontaneously tap Into the Universal flow of grace to effortlessly manifestation your dreams
  • Experience deep unshakeable inner silence so that you can be a lighthouse for others in the midst of chaos.
  • Look in the mirror… you love the person who’s looking back at you.

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Success Stories from Debra Poneman's Students

The Key To SuccessShe's also going to share with you three very powerful stories of people who used these principles.

Success Story #1: Debra Poneman, Rags to Riches

👉 In 1980, Debra was a flat-broke, full-time meditation teacher. Then she began to use the principles she now teaches.

Within less than 2 years she was appearing on radio and TV and in print from coast to coast; had created the first infomercial to sell a self-improvement product in the history of infomercials; was offering her seminar to sold-out rooms in 12 U.S.cities; had reps teaching around the world. . . and was living her ultimate life.

Success Story #2: The Man Who Had Nothing, Not Even His Health

👉 She will also share the story of a man who was:

  • Sick
  • Depressed
  • Broke
  • Suicidal

…And after employing the principles he learned from Debra, he turned his life around and nine years ago, sold his business for TEN figures (TRUE STORY!!)

Success Story #3: The Man Who Only Lived To Please His Parents

👉 Lastly she'll also share the story of another man who was in graduate school in computers to please his parents.

Once he heard the knowledge in Debra’s seminar he quit school, walked away from his parents money and started on a new path which has now led her to become a renowned superstar in his field—and live his ultimate life.

Man Walking Up The Stairway to Success

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About Your Teacher – Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman HeadshotDebra Poneman is a pioneer in the New Thought movement and a woman who embodies her own teachings.

Debra spent the decade of the 70's living in India and Europe spending months at a time in complete silence and deep meditation while studying with some of the greatest Masters of the east. During her time back in the states, she taught meditation to thousands.

In the early 1980s, Debra happened upon the principle that your thoughts create your reality. Fascinated she began studying the works of the great masters of western esoteric thought who espoused this principle, now popularly called the Law of Attraction, such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles and Florence Shinn. Discovering that the Law of Attraction was just a small fraction of the profound knowledge these masters possessed and realizing that this knowledge could help people move to the next level of their own life mastery, she translated their works into modern language and founded her seminar company Yes to Success, Inc.

Within a few short years, her seminars were being taught in dozens of US cities and in seven countries around the world. Among her clients were Fortune 500 companies such as Mattel Toys, McDonnell Douglas and the Xerox Management Group. Among her students were people who, using the principles they learned from Debra went on to became New York Times best-selling authors such as Marci Shimoff and Janet Atwood; world-renown trainers like Steve Farber, founder of Extreme Leadership; and even household names, like Deepak Chopra.

In 1988 with a book deal in hand, an infomercial running in thirty-two markets, and negotiations underway for her own national TV talk show; true to her teachings, Debra gave it all up when she realized she had a greater passion…

For over twenty years Debra disappeared from the public eye and is now back to share what she learned about compassion from her numerous trips doing volunteer work in India; about egoless service from the many saints and sages from both the east and west she hosted in her home; about overcoming adversity from her interviews with over 50 top 10 American Idols to write her best-selling book Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul; and about unconditional love from being a mom.

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