The 11-Minute Miracle Breathwork Technique for Tapping Into Higher Consciousness

The 11-Minute Miracle Breathwork Technique for Tapping Into Higher Consciousness

Discover the mystical and transformative world of pranayama, a powerful ancient practice of breathing techniques and exercises — developed thousands of years ago in India, broken down and delivered in a systematic way for today’s busy world.

Experience the “11-Minute Miracle” to unlock the power of your breath — one of the world’s most powerful adaptogens — as a means of cultivating:

  • Physical health
  • Mental clarity
  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • And heightened levels of consciousness.

What You'll Learn During “The 11-Minute Miracle”

In today’s fast-paced world, where many of us are daunted, or even overwhelmed with the management of our everyday responsibilities…

… we may become disengaged from our true selves and struggle to feel connected to our own deeper divinity.

Though we long to realize our highest potential, we can get bogged down by the emotional discomfort of anxiety, depression, mental fogginess, or disenchantment, or feel held back by a variety of physical ailments.

So, how can we find relief from the dis-eases of our modern lives?

Michael Brian Baker, the founder and CEO of The Breath Center, teaches us that our whole-being health mirrors the way we breathe. In fact, the breath is used as a diagnostic tool in several Eastern medical traditions that have been practiced as far back as 5,000 years ago.

Class Topics for “The 11-Minute Miracle”

During this free spiritual healing event, Michael will share the hidden secrets of breathwork and its remarkable capacity to open portals to varying levels of non-ordinary consciousness, sharpen your mental and physical faculties, release any kind of pain at its root, and create the changes in your life that you crave.

In this experiential free online event, you’ll discover:

  • Pranayama, the regulation of the breath through certain techniques, origin teachings, and practices from Patanjali (author of the Yoga Sutras), which were then passed down through the Saptarishis (revered in Hinduism as the seven great sages) — to optimize and heal your mind and body and cultivate a stronger capacity to achieve higher levels of consciousness
  • Michael’s 11-Minute Miracle, through the practice of Pranayama Kriya Vyana Vayu, to open your physical and emotional bodies — which can lead to enhanced vitality and spiritual awakening
  • A peek into the profoundly magical body of breathwork comprehension and the far-reaching benefits of this powerful modality
  • How breathwork can help you release unresolved emotions and activate feel-good chemicals in your body during times of stress
  • The importance of understanding the current shift happening in human consciousness — and that breathwork is one of the 10 documented paths toward our personal and collective spiritual awakening

You’ll discover how your breath — as your ultimate teacher on living in wellness and gratitude — can revitalize your physical and emotional bodies, and ultimately illuminate your path to spiritual awakening.

About Your Teacher – Michael Brian Baker

For nearly 20 years, Michael Brian Baker has held solid ground at the intersection of modern science and universal wisdom traditions, such as yogic pranayama, Western physiology, South American entheogens, harmonic frequencies, and sound healing. He travels the world conducting multisensory experiences that are truly transformational for mind, body, and spirit.

Participants experience deep healing, expanded awareness, increased vitality, and a new sense of purpose. In the weeks and months following their life-changing experiences, they discover a new and exciting ability to inhabit their right place in the world. Thousands have called this life-changing work the most profound experience of their lives, likening it to a rebirth, spiritual awakening, peak experience, realization of their true self, or “seeing God.”

Reports of lasting change and, in many cases, the elimination of stubborn challenges such as addiction, anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, and insomnia are common. As the founder and head of The Breath Center, Michael has taught his “Anatomy of Awakening” practitioner training course and certified hundreds of advanced facilitators. He is beloved by retreat participants, conference attendees, and festival goers around the world. He now heads The Academy of Integrated Human Sciences LLC and is pioneering advancements in software development that will advance the acceleration of the merging of technology and the expansion of human consciousness.

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