In Greek mythology there is a story…. A king was a little crazy. He had made a beautiful guest house with a golden bed, but only a few guests ever stayed in his guest house, and they never came out alive, because his principle was that the guest had to fit with the bed. Now, this is a strange idea. And he was a powerful man; people were standing there with swords to fit the guest. If his head was too long, it was cut — what is the need of it? If you were too short, then traction… pull him from both sides. Sometimes legs would come off. Until the guest was completely comfortable, the king remained in the room.
Naturally, the guest disappeared. Slowly, slowly people became suspicious. What happens? Whoever becomes a guest never comes out of the palace. Some servant leaked the message, “Nobody should ever come, because that bed is not made for man. That bed is made as a piece of art, and man has to fit to it.” Guests stopped coming to the palace; otherwise they used to enjoy the palatial pleasures. But by the first night everything was finished!
Osho – “Hari Om Tat Sat”