(eBook) 5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells… And How To Snap Out Of Them

Derek Rydall's “Hypnotic Wealth Spells” aims to dismantle common misconceptions about wealth and abundance that have been deeply ingrained in our consciousness.

These misconceptions, or “spells,” keep us from realizing our true potential and experiencing real wealth, which is inherently spiritual and limitless.

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Times are crazy and uncertain, and many of us are worried about the future of the world, the economy, our loved ones, and our work…

And it's important to remember that the ability to meet our needs abundantly isn’t based on how the economy is doing, whether we have enough clients, or even having a good job.

5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells - by Derek RydallAll of those things are actually beyond our control.

When we get right down to it, the ability to create wealth & security is based on applying proven time-tested success principles.

Principles that have worked in the best of times and the worst of times.

That's because there is no external / outer security to be found in a world that is always changing.

It's truly found within.

And when you align your mind & heart, it becomes possible to create abundance regardless of outside circumstances…

And sometimes, even “because” of outside circumstances.

If you'd like to learn more, then be sure to download this free eBook from Derek Rydall: “The 5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells – And How To Snap Out Of Them.” You'll also get a copy of his video training, “How to End Wealth Worries Forever.”

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In case you're not familiar with Derek…

At the lowest point in his life, Derek was an alcoholic drug addict and was suicidal.

In fact, it was the darkest time of his life…

When he “couldn't drive over a bridge without wanting to drive off of it…”

That created the conditions for his best and highest self to emerge.

So when it comes to somebody who knows what it's like to truly hit rock-bottom…

And then lift himself out…

He's worth listening to.

Here's a little bit of what Derek teaches us…

  • The 5 Wealth Trances silently sabotaging your success (even if you do all the right things, if you’re still under these spells, you can’t create lasting results)
  • The Great Reversal (this One Principle is so deceptively simple, yet life-changing that it’ll free you from being dependent on anything or anyone.)
  • The Big Betrayal (the Universe is set up to fail you if you do this One Thing, but turning this around will make the universe your Silent Success Partner in everything)
  • The Real Nature & Source of Wealth (it’s not what or where you think it is! The application of this at least doubled my income)

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Summary of “5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells”

Derek Rydall's introduction and first wealth spell resonate deeply with the core idea that our perception shapes our reality. The belief that we are separate from our good is like a veil that obscures our true potential. When we operate from this mindset, we are constantly striving, struggling, and feeling incomplete. This is not just a theoretical concept but a practical shift that can redefine how we live our lives. By embracing the truth that we are one with all good, we stop chasing illusions and start living from a place of inherent abundance.

Golden Tree of AbundanceIn our daily lives, this translates to a shift in how we approach challenges and opportunities. Instead of seeing obstacles as barriers, we begin to view them as opportunities to deepen our connection with the infinite source of good within us. This doesn't mean that we will never face difficulties, but rather that our response to them will be grounded in a deeper understanding of our oneness with all that is. This perspective empowers us to move through life with a sense of peace and confidence, knowing that we are always supported by the infinite.

The practical application of this principle is transformative. For instance, when faced with a financial challenge, instead of falling into fear and anxiety, we can remind ourselves of our inherent connection to all good. This shift in perception can open up new possibilities and creative solutions that we may not have seen before. It's about cultivating a mindset of abundance, where we trust that everything we need is already within us and that we are always in the right place at the right time to access it.

Moreover, Rydall's approach encourages us to let go of the need to control and manipulate our external circumstances. By recognizing that true wealth comes from within, we can release the constant striving and begin to flow with the natural abundance of life. This doesn't mean that we stop taking action, but rather that our actions are inspired by a deeper sense of purpose and alignment with our true nature. In this way, we become co-creators with the universe, effortlessly manifesting the good that is already ours.

Ultimately, the message is one of empowerment and liberation. By snapping out of the hypnotic spell of separation, we reclaim our inherent power and step into a life of true abundance. This is not just about having more money or material possessions, but about experiencing the fullness of life in every moment. It is about realizing that we are already whole, complete, and connected to an infinite source of good that is always available to us. This is the true essence of wealth, and it is within our reach when we awaken to our oneness with all that is.

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Table of Contents: “5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells”

  • Introduction
  • Snapping Out of The 5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells
  • Hypnotic Wealth Spell #1: “We Are Separate from Our Good & Must Get It, Achieve it, or Attract it”
  • Hypnotic Wealth Spell #2: “Money & Things Are Wealth”
  • Hypnotic Wealth Spell #3: “You Have to Believe It To Receive (or Achieve) It”
  • Hypnotic Wealth Spell #4: “You Have to Adapt to Circumstance”
  • Hypnotic Wealth Spell #5: “Money/Wealth Is Not Spiritual”
  • Staying Awake

Reflection Questions

In exploring Derek Rydall's “Hypnotic Wealth Spells,” it's clear that understanding and internalizing these insights can transform how we perceive and experience wealth. However, true transformation requires more than just reading; it involves deep, personal reflection. That's why I've crafted a set of reflection questions to accompany this eBook. These questions are designed to help you engage more deeply with the material, uncover your own insights, and apply the principles to your unique life circumstances.

Reflection is a powerful tool for personal growth. It allows us to pause and consider how the concepts presented resonate with our own experiences and beliefs. By taking the time to answer these questions thoughtfully, you create a space for introspection that can lead to profound shifts in your mindset. This process not only reinforces the lessons from the book but also helps you integrate these new understandings into your daily life, making the journey towards true wealth and abundance a more personal and impactful experience.

Approaching these questions with honesty and openness is essential. They are meant to challenge your current perspectives, encourage self-discovery, and foster a deeper connection to the infinite source of good within you. As you reflect on each question, allow yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom, knowing that this practice will support you in breaking free from limiting beliefs and stepping into a life of greater abundance and fulfillment.

  1. How have you experienced the illusion of separation in your pursuit of wealth and success?
  2. What are some ways you can cultivate the awareness that true wealth is within you, rather than something external?
  3. Can you identify a time when you waited to feel confident before taking action? How can you approach similar situations differently in the future?
  4. How do you typically react to challenging circumstances? What would it look like to expand in the face of these challenges?
  5. Reflect on your beliefs about the relationship between spirituality and wealth. How can you integrate these aspects more harmoniously in your life?
  6. What daily practices can you adopt to stay connected to the infinite source of abundance within you?
  7. How can you shift your focus from acquiring external symbols of wealth to nurturing inner fulfillment?
  8. Think of a recent situation where you adapted to a limitation. How could you have expanded instead?
  9. What are some ways you can ask for what you want, rather than waiting to believe you deserve it?
  10. How can you practice gratitude and recognition for the invisible sources of wealth in your life?

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Person Meditating In Nature by the River

Discussion of Select Quotes from “5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells”

“We are dreaming that we are separate from God, Source, life, which is creating all our suffering, and we need to wake up – snap out of this hypnotic spell – to realize our oneness again.”

Imagine for a moment that your life is like a dream where you believe you are completely alone, struggling to find your way, disconnected from any source of support or abundance. This dream is powerful because it shapes your entire experience, making every challenge seem insurmountable and every success feel fleeting. Derek Rydall beautifully points out that this sense of separation from God, Source, or life is not reality but a deeply ingrained illusion. It’s like being under a spell that convinces us we are isolated, causing unnecessary suffering and a relentless chase for external validation and resources.

Waking up from this dream means recognizing that the separation we feel is just a construct of our minds. The truth is, we are always connected to an infinite source of love, wisdom, and abundance. This realization is profound because it shifts our entire perspective. Instead of seeing ourselves as victims of circumstance, we begin to see ourselves as integral parts of the whole, inherently worthy and supported by the universe. This awakening is not a one-time event but a continuous practice of remembering and reconnecting with our true nature.

By snapping out of this hypnotic spell, we reclaim our power and step into a life of greater ease and joy. This awakening allows us to tap into a deeper well of creativity and resourcefulness, enabling us to navigate life’s challenges with grace and confidence. The illusion of separation falls away, and we start to live from a place of oneness, where we understand that everything we need is already within us and available to us. This transformation is the key to experiencing true abundance and lasting fulfillment.

“When we know, truly know, that we are one with life, with source, with everything that is real, what could we possibly want for?”

Imagine the profound peace that comes from knowing, with absolute certainty, that you are one with the very essence of life itself. This realization dissolves all feelings of lack and limitation. When you understand that you are inherently connected to the source of all that is, you no longer feel the need to strive, struggle, or compete for resources. Instead, you move through life with a sense of completeness and sufficiency. This knowledge is not just intellectual but a deep, embodied understanding that transforms how you interact with the world.

When you live from this place of oneness, your actions and decisions are guided by a deeper wisdom and clarity. You begin to see that everything you need is already within you and that the universe is always conspiring in your favor. This shift in perspective allows you to release fear and anxiety, knowing that you are always supported by an infinite source of love and abundance. It changes your relationship with money, success, and even your relationships, as you realize that true wealth is an inside job.

Living in this state of awareness opens you up to a life of greater joy and fulfillment. You become a co-creator with the universe, effortlessly manifesting your desires from a place of alignment and purpose. This realization that you are one with everything that is real means that you no longer feel the need to want or chase after things. Instead, you attract what you need naturally and effortlessly, simply by being in harmony with your true self and the abundant flow of life.

“The outer expressions of abundance are mere symbols of real wealth, just as the fruit on a tree is not the wealth of the tree but an effect of the invisible process within the tree – the real source of its abundance.”

Consider the fruit on a tree. While the fruit is visible and tangible, it is not the true source of the tree's abundance. The real wealth lies in the invisible processes happening within the tree – the nutrients absorbed by the roots, the photosynthesis in the leaves, and the overall health of the tree itself. Similarly, the outer expressions of wealth in our lives, such as money, possessions, and status, are merely symbols. They are the visible outcomes of the invisible processes within us, including our beliefs, mindset, and inner connection to abundance.

Derek Rydall emphasizes that focusing solely on these outer symbols can lead to a misguided chase for more, leaving us feeling empty and unfulfilled. Real wealth is about nurturing the internal processes that create these outward manifestations. It’s about cultivating a rich inner life, where we prioritize our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When we understand that true abundance comes from within, we shift our focus from acquiring to creating, from consuming to contributing.

This shift in perspective is transformative. Instead of striving to accumulate more, we start to appreciate and enhance the internal qualities that lead to genuine wealth. We invest in our growth, our relationships, and our purpose. As we do this, the outer symbols of abundance naturally follow, not as goals in themselves but as reflections of our inner state. This holistic approach to wealth ensures that we remain grounded, fulfilled, and connected to the true source of all prosperity. By embracing this deeper understanding, we unlock the limitless potential that lies within us, leading to a more abundant and meaningful life.

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