(eBook) 365 Days to Let Go

The four seasons are a living storehouse of great spiritual power for those who understand their hidden meaning and purpose. If you've ever sensed that somewhere – hidden just out of sight – there must exist a greater plan to life…

And that somehow you are meant to play a greater role in the way it plays itself out – then Guy Finley's free eBook “365 Days to Let Go” is an opportunity to lean into that more fully.

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Free eBook by Guy Finley - 365 Days to Let GoThis eBook of daily meditative insights will help you to use every day to raise your level of cosmic understanding, grow in relationship with the mysterious principles of compassion and love, and find the deep renewable well of wisdom hidden deep within you.

365 Days to Let Go opens with a description of the meaning and importance of the seasonal cycles, and goes on to reveal the unique power that each season brings with it as it asserts its will upon the earth..

Powers that you can share in and use to transform and perfect your life. Within it are 365 individual meditative insights that are carefully paired with specific days of the year.

Day after day, month after month you'll receive spiritual insights designed to help you realize the unique spiritual gift that particular day has to offer.

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The turning of the seasons, and the principle of transformation that each cycle serves to reveals is eternal; it governs everything in the universe from the formation of timeless galaxies to the birth of love within our own hearts. Within you also lives this principle, its power, and its gift that you are meant to participate in its Life of ceaseless transformation.

And you become one with its newness as you learn to let go, day by day, of everything holding you back. This beautiful process of letting go and growing into the newness to come is reflected everywhere we look, and nowhere more clearly than in the passage of the seasons – and the secret story they tell of a Life without end.

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The burgeoning of spring, the fulfillment of summer, the letting go of fall, and the withdrawal into winter where the new seed replenishes itself before beginning the process again…

Each stage has its own beauty and meaning that is necessary to the success of the whole. When you focus your meditation or contemplation on the essential nature of a particular day's role in the entire cycle, you bring yourself in line with the higher power that drives the seasons and your own life.

And because each quotation is associated with a specific day, you can use this book year after year as a daily wellspring of wisdom. Best of all, this perennial journal all about Letting Go can travel along with you every step of your journey through life because its dates and days are not specific to any one particular year.

It will never grow old, and neither will your love for life, once you tap into its secret message!

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