Did You Miss It? A New Perspective On What Might Have Been

The question “Did you miss it?” has a lot of depth to it. That's because our brains are oriented towards scarcity, fear, and missed opportunities. And rightfully so.  Our primitive cave-man instincts know that if we missed a “kill” then we'd starve. Plain and simple. It's not complex. It's the most basic example of “you snooze, you lose.”

Unfortunately, that mindset is no longer absolutely necessary.

With so many opportunities in our lives, missing out is not the equivalent of death. Granted, “missing out” on something still doesn't feel good unless we give our brains a new way to think.

So what if we didn't “miss” things anymore? What if we started recognizing every moment as being Divinely “right” exactly as it is?

Or phrased another way… imagine that every missed opportunity happened in such a way that it literally forced open new opportunities that would not have been possible if the original opportunity had not been missed?

Within this paradigm shift, we create a new opportunity to see all moments of life as opportunities – even the “missed” moments.

Try it out and see what you discover.