Being Patient Pays

A King’s Minister was once passing with his caravan through a narrow muddy road to his village estate. On the way he came across a bullock cart, which was stuck in the mud and was blocking the way. The cart driver was trying in vain to pull it out of the mud.

“Get out of my way,” shouted the proud minister.

“Sir, my cart is stuck here. You will have to wait till I can get it out,” said the cart driver politely.

Furious, the minister picked up a huge stone and threw it at the bullock cart. But alas, instead of hitting the cart, the stone hit the chain of his own caravan and bouncing back, hit the minister’s forehead.

Writhing in pain, the minster went and complained about the cart driver to the king, who without any enquiry ordered the poor man to be punished.

But the Bodhisattva, who was the chief judge, came to know the truth and changed the order. The cart driver was saved.

The author of this story is unknown and greatly appreciated!