Are You Acting Pathetic… Or Prophetic? – By Chris Cade

Some years back, Rev. Michael Beckwith spoke at a very small business networking event I was at and shared a really powerful story about his shift into spirituality.

It got me remembering the first time I'd ever been in his physical presence…

The year was 2014 and I was at his spiritual center, Agape. He spoke profoundly about the conversations that we have.

He oversimplified it to this…

Are our conversations pathetic or prophetic?

Not just the conversations with others. That's just one piece of it. Even more importantly, the conversations we have with ourselves.

I love that. It's just so simple. Am I supporting my dreams, wishes and potential? Or am I speaking in a way that withers them down… that atrophies them… that metaphorically kills them?

Michael Beckwith went on to give some brilliant examples, such as being asked a simple question like:

Friend #1: “Are you going to the retreat in July?”

Friend #2: “No. I don't have enough money.”

Michael Beckwith's reply?

“That's a PATHETIC answer. You don't know if you won't have enough money because it hasn't happened yet. So don't already assume you won't!”

He encourages us to find positive ways to answer even the most difficult questions. Positivity isn't enough though. We're actually lying when we say we don't have enough money for a future event. So he's encouraging us to tell the truth of our *immediate* present situation… which could be…

“I'm intending to go and looking into what possibilities would support that.”

I love that. He really reminds me to live in the present moment and be very conscious of the language I use – because the words I use indicate my state of mind.

This is one reason my personal body of work revolves around topics like overcoming fears, writing clear and effective affirmations, and healing our Divided Mind.

It's also why I'm passionate about sharing prophetic resources that help us overcome our limiting beliefs. Ones which say “Whatever used to be pathetic in our lives… we can make it prophetic.”

Making these kinds of shifts has been profound…

Not just for me. Also for my loved ones, my friends, and you. Part of the reason why I do what I do for you is because I am passionate about helping shift our world's conversations from pathetic to prophetic.

Just imagine if our world's leaders…

In business, politics, health, non-profit / NGO, athletics, education and more…

Shifted their conversations from pathetic to prophetic?

After you're done imagining…

Choose to become one of those people. 😉

This post was written by Chris Cade, founder of SpiritualGrowthEvents.com