A Prayer Away – A Spiritual Story by Glenys Cunningham

The woman sat, watching the people around her, feeling the pain of the child who fell off his bicycle the tiredness of the old man who was slowly making his way home. She felt the joy of the children playing together on the jungle gym and saw the happiness of the young couple walking hand in hand.

Some glanced her way as they passed the bench she was sitting on, but they never spared her a thought. No one noticed the unshed tears in her eyes as she sat there watching and feeling.

So much pain in the world, so much happiness and so much loneliness.

So many people doing so many things, so involved in their own moments. There just wasn't space for thoughts of others.

And as she watched, her mind drifted to another place, another time. A time when she was like them — wrapped up in her own life her own misery. Sometimes she wished she could return to those days, and yet…

Just then her attention was caught by a face she hadn't noticed in a long time. A face which reflected contentment, joy, peace and love. Wiping away the remnants of the tears, she stood up and with a final glance into the pond next to the bench, she headed toward the fallen child, helped him up, wiped his tears, returned his smile and offered to help the old man home with his shopping.

No, she didn't want to return to the old days. Those were the days when loneliness was unbearable. Now, although still lonely for human company, she had love in her heart and comfort was just a prayer away.

This story was written by Glenys Cunningham.

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