3 Simple Steps To Boost Your Self Confidence & Be Your Best Self

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When you’re operating as your best self, anything is possible!

Your best self, the one brimming with self confidence comes up with all the best ideas – the ones that’ll take your life in a whole new direction and bring you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Your best self is overflowing with self-esteem, confidence, and feelings of bright possibility. Your best self sees life as an abundance of new experiences to discover, sees how much you are capable of and how incredible life will be when it all works out.

BUT… that’s not how life operates for most of us, is it? We let our other voices lead, let self-doubt, insecurity, and the voice of our ego take the reins a lot more often… The ego, this smaller version of you is much more likely to be on high alert, looking for the pitfalls, the perils and the problems in any given situation. Your ego is constantly looking out for danger because it lives in fear. This version of yourself isn’t brave enough to take a leap, trust in the unknown and believe that you’ll reach the incredible potential you have! It wants to protect you, but it ends up stunting your growth.

Most of life is a dance between these two extremes of self: We’re constantly sliding somewhere along the spectrum between pure, heart-centered power and self-trust, and fear and hiding. So wouldn’t it be incredible if you could do the work to make sure that more and more of your time was spent embodying your best self, and leaving the ego, and its small, persistent voice behind?
Being your best self is what will allow you to maintain the highest possible levels of connection, integrity and flow with life. It is in this flow where all creation resides and all possibilities exist. It’s in this space of being our best versions where we embrace the frequency of all the numbers and their energetic potentials.

Each number provides us with a key to connection, possibility, and growth. While going through each step of personal transformation your higher self will call you to embrace the energies of…

  1. Individuality and leadership
  2. Companionship and diplomacy
  3. Joy and creativity
  4. Logic and organization
  5. Freedom and exploration
  6. Responsibility and nurturing
  7. Reflection and self-knowledge
  8. Innovation and forward thinking
  9. Compassion and universal love

Are you ready to begin? It’s not as difficult or as daunting as you may think to start to achieve a more aligned state. So as you stand at this place of beginnings, this zero point of potential, you need only think about these three things…

1. Acknowledge you have Healing to do

To evolve into your best possible version of self, it’s vital to come clean about what the entire reality you are dealing with, looks like. To make the great strides of progress you desire (and deserve) in your own personal transformation, you must start on the level of authenticity and vulnerability.

But far from putting the focus on weakness, there is something incredibly empowering in authentically and honestly coming to terms with where you’re at.

Everyone has healing to do.

But it’s super-important to do this without judgment of criticism. The last thing the world needs is any more of this (and it’ll only serve to plunge you further into fear) so compassion only! The more open, real and positive we are about the healing we have to do, the smoother and more healthy the healing journey can be. Plus, this honesty gives the other people in our lives the opportunity to be of service and provide their loving support, especially when we meet with a challenge.


2. Stop Playing the Victim! Take action and Heal your Wounded Aspects

Playing the victim is radially disempowering. It may serve a purpose for a time as you work through certain emotions, but will ultimately create damaging habits and patterns of behavior if you stay in that state for too long.

We live in incredible times when there are SO many healing modalities available. Health and happiness can be found! But for it to be deep and lasting, calling in the help of other people is paramount. While seeking professional healing seems a very simple and obvious step on the path to personal growth, many people avoid it. But 99% of the time, the reasons you tell yourself not to ask for help belong to the very same camp as your ego. And your ego doesn’t want you to change.

But why else would there be an influx of healers emerging on our planet at this time, if you were supposed to do all the work on your own?

So when those reasons or justifications for NOT seeking healing surface in your mind (you’ll never feel them in your heart!) take a moment, acknowledge them, thank them for sharing and then release. Every time you make this conscious distinction between your ego talking, and what your best self needs in order to emerge, you empower yourself.

3. Engage with Life by Practicing to be your Best Self

Actively engage with the limitlessness of your being by practicing day to day, sometimes moment to moment, being your best version. The more you practice the more it will become a natural part of your human experience.

Remember that each day your best version will vary so don’t make it a goal to always be the same. Instead, make it a practice.

Set the intention to stand in a space of love and commit to YOURSELF, to always do the best you can, wherever you’re at, in whatever circumstances you face. And don’t berate yourself when you slip up.

The little things we do on a moment to moment basis are what truly indicate our spiritual and personal growth, and these may seem minuscule (or non-existent) at first. But over time, you’ll notice your best self emerging more and more often.

These are some key questions to keep in your mind and ongoingly ponder to support you in maintaining your best version:

  • What’s the theme of your internal dialogue, the voice in your mind? What does lens does it make you look through?
  • How do you respond in your mind to the things people say?
  • How flexible are you with change?
  • How do you treat the people around you?
  • Do your language patterns reflect positivity, empowerment, and love?
  • Are you mindful of the tone of your voice?
  • How do you respond in other types of communication? (text, phone, face to face, email)
  • In which areas of life are you reactive?
  • In which areas of life do you respond?
  • How do you extend kindness, appreciation, and love to those who have extended it to you
  • How do you extend kindness, appreciation, and love to those who have not extended it to you?
  • How often do you smile?
  • Do you try to see the generosity in the actions of those around you?
  • In what ways do you communicate your needs?
  • In what ways do you receive love?
  • In what ways do you give love?
  • Are you open and straightforward to everyone in your life about how you like to give and receive love? If not, why not?
  • What would need to be in place in order for you to share your love needs?

In any given situation these two quick questions will quickly help you access the answers you hold within yourself:

  • What would I need to shift, change or adjust in order to be my best version right now?
  • Or, what do I need to do to maintain this positive flow and remain in the energy of my best version for the next moments ahead?

The Great Payoff

Being your best version is not always the simplest thing to do. However, when you discover your own unique ways of practicing being your best version, rest assured, life will be waiting for you on the other side with some incredible gifts! And when the ego is in the lead, it can be impossible to even envisage what those may be!

So acknowledge where you are, take action on your healing, and practice, practice, practice!

Here’s to being at your best version!

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